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Indian Keto Diet Plan: Easy 4 Week Diet Chart for Weight Loss

Last Updated: Feb 15, 2021, 8:02 am

Today every single person is concerned about his/her health, which makes them follow a diversity of absurd ways to maintain their health. Nowadays Keto diet for fitness is one of the trending topics. Here we will talk about the Indian Keto diet plan for vegetarians. Whether you are a newbie to Ketosis or have considerable knowledge about Vegetarian Keto diet, prepare yourself up, to bid bye-bye to carbs and start creating fats your new choice of living. You heard that right! Ketogenic diet or low carb high-fat diet (LCHF) involves a procedure wherein you depend on fats for a source of energy instead of carbohydrates.

What Exactly is Ketosis for Weight Loss?

It is a natural process to get rid of unused fats in the liver by using them as energy instead of starch and glucose. This can be achieved by switching to a balanced diet which involves a lot of proteins and vegetables instead of starch and edibles with high carbs.

The weight loss diet known as Keto Diet Plan involves a lot of vitamins and mineral rich foods along with essential fatty acids so that you can get cent percent nutritional value by consuming healthy and tasty vegetarian food.

4-Week Indian Keto Diet Plan for Weight Loss

This is a diet plan that is suitable for just about anyone who is looking at specific weight management goals. Here is an easy Ketogenic meal plan or Indian Keto Diet Plan that you can follow to reap the several benefits.


Week 1

You can alternate between the various meal options during the first week. This is the preparatory stage of the Keto diet plan bodybuilding that allows your body to adjust to the low carb and high-fat diet gradually.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
1. Cheese omelet cooked in butter or olive oil.

2. Scrambled eggs cooked in olive oil or butter with cheese.

3. Cheese pakora, deep-fried in coconut or peanut oil.

1.Spinach, mushroom, and capsicum salad, stir-fried in olive oil with eggs and cheese/ chicken.

2. Stir-friend broccoli or mushrooms with cream of palak soup.

3. Baked French beans with cheese and buttermilk.

4. Cauliflower curry with coconut milk and coconut oil.

1. Spinach baked with cheese served with cream.

2. Lemon and chicken stew

3. Fried pakoda.

4. Stir fried red meat

5. Cabbage salad with grated coconut.


Week 2

During the second week, you need to consume a mixture of butter, cream, and coconut oil. You can just have a spoonful of these ingredients each day. Coffee and tea can be included in your diet during the second week. Ensure that you do not use any sugar. You can use natural sweeteners like stevia and agave in the second week of this Ketogenic diet weight loss plan.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
1. Coffee or tea mixed with butter, cream and coconut oil, also called bullet coffee or tea. 1. Red channa salad

2. Mushrooms, capsicum, and spinach stir-fried in olive oil with eggs and cheese/ chicken.

3. Soya nugget curry

4. Stir Fried ladyfingers with peanut powder.

1. Stir fried French beans with cheese

2. Cheese pakora

3. Cream of mushroom soup


Week 3 

This is when you hit the fasting stage. You have to have your breakfast a bit early and eat the next meal after 12 hours.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
1.Bullet coffee 1. Water or lemon water 1. Chicken stir-fried with paneer and spinach in pesto sauce.

2. Chili paneer

3. Barbeque chicken with spinach and cheese

4. Eat 6-8 almonds with dinner every day.

Week 4

This is the toughest phase of the régime with only one high-fat meal per day. Make sure you drink lots of water to pull through this week of the Indian Ketogenic diet weight loss plan

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
1. Black tea or coffee 1. Water or lemon water 1. Stir-fried vegetables with peanut.

2. Cream of spinach soup

3. Chicken stew

4. Stir-fried paneer with bell pepper.