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Advance Keto Combination

Your Weight The Scientific Way

Advance Keto Meal Combo

Ketosis and Weight Management
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An all-natural, scientific advance keto formula to enhance and maintain ketosis. Keto meal and ketogenic diet support for weight management.
  • Enhance Ketosis
  • Lasting Energy
  • Perfect Meal Replacement
  • Support Weight Management
  • Helps Reduce Appetite
  • Classic 4:1 Keto Meal

100% Vegetarian | High Fat | Low Carb


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Weight Management

With Combined 2X Effective KETO COMBO

Keto Advance

Acclimatizes your body for Ketosis

Advanced Ketogenic Diet acclimatise & stimulates your liver for ketone production by it’s thermogenic effects. It starts utilising Fats for energy production thereby exhausting excess fat in the body

Increase Energy

Burn Excess Fat

Boost Metabolism

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Understanding Your Ideal Keto Combination


Keto Advance

Acclimatizes your body for Ketosis
Advanced Ketogenic Diet acclimatise & stimulates your liver for ketone production by it’s thermogenic effects. It starts utilising Fats for energy production thereby exhausting excess fat in the body
  • Simulates Keto metabolism
  • Exhausts excess fat
  • Infuses the body with energy

Keto Meal

Helps your body sustain Ketosis Metabolism
The Classic Ketogenic Meal in combination with Advanced Ketogenic Diet Support makes the body transition into a permanent ketosis metabolic state. It replaces any of your daily meals with a minimum carb, high-fat, ketogenic diet to effectively and scientifically manage weight.
  • 76% MCT Fat 5% Carbs
  • 19% Protein
  • Convenient Keto Meal

The Science Behind

KETOSIS and weight Management

The ketogenic diet is a scientifically effective way of utilizing excess fat in the body as the primary source of fuel instead of carbs to produce energy and keep up metabolism.

Consuming a controlled and limited carb diet makes the body release fats. The fat further converted by our liver into ketones which act as the primary source of energy compounds rather than carbohydrates.

Once the body adjusts and attunes to this low carb, high-fat diet, then one naturally starts to shed body fat even the most stubborn visceral fat around your belly. Keto diet gives a feeling of satiety and manages weight with minimum carb intake.

Billion Cheers Keto Combination
A Comprehensive Approach To Sustain Healthy Weight

Prevents Recurring YO-YO weight gain

Rich with natural antioxidants, Keto combo offsets any short term, cyclical weight gain caused by yo yo diets and sustains healthy weight for long term.

Gets rid of lifestyle disorders

Keto Combination heals and protects your body from the oxidative stress caused by modern lifestyle conditions like High blood pressure, diabetes, hypertension and even some chronic conditions.

Healthier Metabolism

With the power of Green tea, Green Coffee and Garcinia Cambogia, Keto Combo significantly improves metabolism which consequently keeps you healthier, fitter and stronger.

Token Of Appreciation From
Consumers Of Billion Cheers Keto Combo

Gayatri Sharma
Data Analyst

Keto Combo is a life saver! Not only do I have more energy at work + at home, I am enjoying my life to its fullest! I can finally get around to doing things I alway made excuses for! Being able to eat my favourite foods makes it the easiest lifestyle change! Thank you, BillionCheers!

Ankit Chauhan

If you want to lose weight and gain energy, I highly recommend Keto Combo! It’s completely healthy and easy to follow! I have yet to find a product that does works like this, what convinced me to take the leap of faith was that they themselves are the product manufactures.

Preeti Kumar
Food Blogger

I used it a few months before my wedding. It really helped me, just gave me a boost of energy, curbed my appetite so I didn’t have constant late night cravings. Now I have that extra boost of confidence. I’ve never felt better. Physically, I got a flat tummy for my wedding gown and I’m just so so excited to walk down that aisle.

Unique Formulation

Keto Enhancing Ingredients



Healthy Lean Meal Replacement


Keeps the body satiated and curbs overeating and unhealthy cravings which keeps the appetite in check and helps manage weight.


Improves overall metabolic mechanism of the body and helps in building lean muscle


A significantly better source of energy than any other ingredient. MCT also help in keeping the body satiated and further helps in expending excess fat.

Fractive Energy Drink


High amounts of the active ingredient hydroxycitric acid (HCA) which is the helps in stimulating weight loss


Presence of chlorogenic acid and caffeine reduces fat consumption and supports metabolism.Presence of chlorogenic acid and caffeine reduces fat consumption and supports metabolism.


Aids in naturally using fat as fuel and the presence of catechins antioxidant helps get rid of excess fat and boost metabolism.

Nutritional facts:

Nutritional information Amount per serving %RDA
Energy 2.70kcal 0.09
Protein 0.002g 0.003
Carbohydrates 0.001g
Fat 0.30g

Keto Meal: Take 1 serving (25g approx.) in 180-200ml of water and shake well. Replace one to two meals per day with Billion Cheers Keto Meal.

Keto Advance: Take 2 capsules daily before or after any meal. Take 1-2 servings daily.


  • Keep out of reach of children
  • This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  • Pregnant or lactating women and people with any medical condition should consult a dietician before consuming this product
  • Need not to exceed the daily recommended usage

Frequently Asked Questions

Keto diet utilizes a unique, physiological process of the body called Ketosis, reached by the body when the primary and preferred fuel for energy production – Carbs are already exhausted and used up and so the body shifts to Fats as fuel for energy production. This is a rare situation but a keto diet (75% fats and just 5% Carbs) actively habituates your body for burning fats as the only source of energy production thus helping you manage weight in the most healthy way.

The main purpose of a Ketogenic diet is to put your body on a Ketosis metabolic state as described in the afore-mentioned answer, hence a Ketogenic diet involves foods with maximum healthy fat percentage, adequate proteins and minimum amount of carbs. Some of the most effective, natural Keto foods are eggs, meats, fatty fishes like salmon, non starchy vegetables – Tomatoes, broccoli, avocado, cheese, and unprocessed foods.

Since we all have slightly different bodies physiologically, the same Keto diet usually gives different results for different people. Generally speaking, however, it is reported by many people that they have been able to loose from 2kgs to 6kgs or (a pound to 11 pounds) so the it can be surmised that you’ll be able to lose somewhere in between in close to 4 weeks depending on your body type and metabolic state

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