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A potent neuroprotector for mind wellness

Veg. 60 Capsules

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Billion Cheers Brahmi extract capsules help in enhancing and improving intelligence. It might also improve mental sharpness and manage weak memory. Brahmi supports learning in young adults and working professional, also it manages age-associated memory problems in the elderly.

  • 1000mg Brahmi extract per serving
  • Improves mental alertness
  • From India’s most trusted Family nutrition Brand.
  • In-house manufacturing for highest quality control.


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Billioncheers Brahmi extract


Improves cognitive abilities– Brahmi is a perennial herb most well-known for its memory enhancing property. It is used as a memory enhancer and brain tonic for kids, elders and busy young professionals due to its property to improve cognition, mental alertness and concentration.


Reduce age related brain degeneration – Brahmi may be useful in managing age-related brain degeneration or memory loss due to the presence of antioxidants. It reduces the damage caused due of free radicals and enhance learning and retaining potential in elders.


Also act as a potent antioxidant – Oxidative stress is one mechanism that contributes to the aging process and is linked to neurodegenerative disorders. Being a powerful antioxidant it prevents age related brain degeneration.


Prevent hair loss- Brahmi helps to provide strength and nourishment to the scalp, strengthens the blood vessels, thus stimulates hair growth and prevent hair loss.

Key benefits

Key benefits

Healthy brain

Brahmi act as memory enhancer thus helps in improving brain functions and cognition.

Prevent anxiety and stress

It manages anxiety and stress by calming mind and reducing mental fatigue

Improves memory

Brahmi is useful to enhance memory , mental alertness, focus and concentration

Adaptogenic herb

Brahmi helps in relieving stress and anxiety as it gives calming effect to the nervous system

Ingredient: Brahmi extract (Bacopa monnieri)

Nutritional information Amount Per serving %RDA
Energy 0.094 Kcal 0.003
Protein 0.002 g 0.00
Carbohydrates 0.04 g
Fat 0.001 g


%RDA values established by ICMR, Men-moderate work

–RDA values not established by ICMR

Direction to use: Take 2 capsules daily before or after meal or as suggested by your healthcare professional. Take 1-2 servings daily.

● Keep out of reach of children.
● This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
● Not to exceed the daily recommended usage

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Billion Cheers Brahmi is designed to boost memory, enhance focus and mental alertness.

Results may vary from person to person. However visible results may be seen within 2-3 months.

Billion Cheers Brahmi is made with 100% natural herbal extract and has no side effects.

Consume a diet rich in whole grains, proteins, fruits and vegetables. Exercise regularly and maintain weight.

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