Each scoop of BillionCheers Women’s Probiotic Drink is loaded with 3 probiotic strains and natural Cranberry extract that help:

  • Balance
    Vaginal pH

  • Support
    UTI Issue

  • Odd
    Smell Relive

  • Restore
    Vaginal Flora

This is so relieving!

Thanks a lot to this product, I am using this since two week, feeling relieved! Berry flavor is good, It’s zero sugar and delicious drink. I’m impressed!

Sunita Sharma | Goa

Natural & Delicious!

Follow these 3 steps to enjoy your BillionCheers Women’s Probiotic drink.

Step 1

Take 100ml or half glass of cold or normal water with one scoop of BillionCheers-Women Probiotics Drink Powder. Drink it along with your breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can consume one or two scoop a day.

Step 2

Enjoy & feel the natural benefits of Women’s Probiotic – Mix berries flavor drink. Additionally it’s delicious, sugar free and full of anti-oxidants. It’s simple and convenient.

Step 3

Make it part of your daily routine and maintain a healthy vaginal flora. It’s all natural ingredients, probiotics strains and cranberry extracts are clinically proven, it does not have any side effects.

BillionCheers Women’s Probiotic Benefits

Restore & Balance Vaginal Microbiome & pH

  • Balance pH Vaginal An Ideal vaginal pH ranges from 3.8-4.0 This ideal pH level is suitable for probiotics or healthy vaginal flora. Any variation in this acidic level attract UTIs and BV issues. vaginal pH gets easily disturbed by our life style, smoking, alcohol, low probiotic-prebiotic food, poor hygiene, antibiotics abuse, menstruation and even menopause. Supplementation of Women probiotic drink helps to balance the vaginal pH.

  • Relief Odd Smell Undesired Vaginal odor & smelly discharge is a symptom of yeast & bacteria overgrowth. Women probiotic drink helps to eliminates feminine odor causing yeast & bacteria.

  • Support UTI Issue Women’s probiotic drink contains natural cranberry extract Pacran®, it has anti-adhesion properties against bad bacteria in vaginal walls. It is a 100% all natural full spectrum cranberry ingredient supported by eight efficacy and safety studies to reduce the rate of recurrent UTI, reduce E. coli – the bacteria responsible for 65-85% cases of UTIs.

  • Restore Flora Vaginal Vagina contains a balance of necessary bacteria or probiotics and some yeast cells for its natural immunity. This ideal balance is called “Vaginal flora”. Women probiotics drink contains specific vaginal probiotics strain which helps to restore the ideal bacterial balance.

Powerful Testimonies From BillionCheers Customers

I purchased this product for my mother, she was suffering from infection. I was worried of her continious medication from 5 months. For this product also i have cunsulted her doctor, she said there is no harm taking this probiotics. This is helpful in relieving my mum recurrent UTIs. Alredy finished six jar

Shipra | Mumbai, MH

I love this drink and it has a great taste. I am taking this product as priventive meausre as i use to consume cranberry drink and this product have cranberry extarct from a reputed brad Pacran and it is sugar free. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking nutrition for intemate health.

Khumtia debbarma | Agra, UP

I did not know any such product exist, I found it various time on my facebook and finally purchased it. I feel overall better with this product. it is now a daily general juice for me because it also helping me with my digestion. I’m pretty prone to getting extreme itching and irritation which is relieved.

Mamta Verma | Pune, MH

100% Natural Ingredients

Every scoop of BillionCheers probiotics is packed with naturally fermented probiotics, prebiotics fiber & cranberry extract

Eliminate bad bacteria

Cranberry Extract

Cranberry Extract Standarized for proanthocyanidins (PACs) which prevent bactria- E. coli, which is the cause of about 85% of UTIs from adhering to these urinary tract

Restore pH balance


Naturally fermented and clinically proven vaginal probiotics strains Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus rhamnosus & Lactobacillus reuteri with smart prebiotic fiber

What Makes it so Special?

  • Clinically proven
    Probiotics and cranberry extracts are clinically proven and safe Ingredients for vaginal health. Safe for diabetics as well.

  • Safe, NON-GMO
    We use naturally fermented probiotics strains and standardized cranberry extract, made at a US FDA registered facility.

  • Tasty
    MixBerries Flavor is delicious in taste, cranberry flavor dominates the oveall taste. It taste even better with cold water

  • Daily routine
    Women’s Probiotic drink, your daily routine intimate , immunity and digestive health nutrition

No Harmful Nasties – Just The Good Stuff

The BillionCheers Promise

Gluten Free

Free of wheat, barley & oats making it completely safe for celiac.

Sugar Free

Making it safe for weight watchers & is also diabetic-friendly.

Dairy Free

Free from any dairy products, making it the choice for lactose-intolerant.

Founder’s Note!

“Probiotics will certainly lead the way for future health solutions. Administration of probiotics that colonize the vaginal tract can be important in maintaining a normal urogenital health preventing illness of the host yeast, bacteria and urinary tract infection”

Dr. Prakash Chandra Bhatt
Founder- BillionCheers-Nutrition

Proudly Made In India

BillionCheers Nutrition is proudly made in India at our company-owned research and manufacturing facility, which is US FDA registered, FSSAI and GMP certified. Each purchase helps support our research center with young scientists for nutrition innovation

Enjoy Free Shipping When You Order BillionCheers-Women Probiotics Today!

5 Star Reviews
Real People. Real Results.

Say cheers to a healthier you!

Tastes Amazing

This product has helped me with my digestive issues. I’m happy that I bought this product and I recommend this to my frinds struggling with similar problem.

Shivangi Gosavi,
Gurgaon, HR

Works As Informed

It helped me with my discomfort and i recommend it other also with intemate issues women face. I saw this product on my Instagram feed and purchased it, it works as it Informed on website.

Chandigarh, CH

Loving This Completely!

This is so far the first nutrition product i have used, i have history of getting BV and irritation. I started taking this probiotic and feeling better down there. Now it is part of my breakfast, Loving This Completely!

Pune, MH


Awesome Product Loved it.

Really help me and the best part The taste is AMAZING! Thank you!

– Neetu Sharma,
Gurgaon, HR


Best Probiotic Ever!!!

Good product. This is something must to take supplements for women health.

– Deepika Kapoor ,
New Delhi, DL


Should give it a try! Worked for me.

This product worked well for me, I noticed a good change in my digestion. I have been using it for around 1.5 months now and really like it. I consulted my gynaecologist since I had been suffering from UTI/YE problems and having this along with the meds with my gynaecologist consultation.

– Anjali Pathak
Hyderabad, TS

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