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World Health Day
April 6, 2019 0 Comments

Doctors are well-versed when it comes to two tasks: the first being jotting prescriptions – understanding which is synonymous to understanding ancient scrolls -the other being, reprimanding. They surely know how to admonish and their badgering primarily revolves around two aspects: exercise and diet. The minimalist truth to a healthy being can be unlocked by balancing the two aforementioned aspects – ask the doctors, they recite it like ‘mantra’. But another aspect takes this ordeal, as well as your health, to a whole new level – that aspect being immunity. If one’s body is susceptible, that is, if it can’t take a hit, even a well-balanced exercise and diet fail to make an impact and everyone wants to feel that impact, don’t they?

World Health Day

It’s today (April 06) and the discussion has already steered on a very morose course. Striking up a harmonious relationship between exercise, diet, and immunity is not a difficult task. In fact, it’s quite easy – the trick is unfriending two particular terms: dearth and excess – both are enemies to your health. Let’s dive in for more:

First Comes:


If you are desirous to know what diet is most rewarding, begin by grouping your diet. Ask yourself the following questions?

(a) Do I eat enough fruits and vegetables daily to fulfill my vitamin and mineral requirements?

(b) Do I stick to low-fat dairy products or alternatives, in order to befriend ample calcium?

(c) Do I intake enough protein in the form of fish, meat, beans, and pulses?

(d) Do my base meals include sufficient starch and fiber?

(e) Do I drink enough fluids?

For better results, one can transition to unsaturated fats that tone down cholesterol levels. Consuming food and drinks riddled with high sugar can increase the chances of obesity and tooth decay. So, down with excess carbs, fat, sugar and salt and more power to fibrous food flushed with proteins, minerals, and vitamins – but all in a balanced fashion.

Next Comes:


The habit of exercise requires the utmost balance. One should be well familiar with the fact that excess exercise is as (or perhaps more) harmful as doing no exercise at all. Often people don’t realize this and therefore, they end up biting more they can chew, in the pretext of keeping themselves fit. But studies have depicted that pushing your routine workouts can over-stress your body which in turn temporary debilitates your immune system – and when one’s immune system is weak, throngs of infections and diseases come knocking. It’s as simple as that: exercise is important, but don’t lay too much stress on your body. Lay stress on this fact.

Immunity was always there – maintain it

A matrimony of balanced diet and exercise, but is it well enough? Maybe, maybe not – what is your gut feeling? Yes, gut harbours 80% of the immune system. So if you are falling short of probiotics, the good bacteria that inhabits your gut, you should do something about it because those microbes defend your intestines against disease-carrying microorganisms. You can either adopt food that’s rich in probiotics or if that’s a mammoth task for you, you can always rely on a probiotic drink that’s sugar free – for excess sugar is harmful to one’s health (remember?) and simultaneous benefit and harm is ironical, isn’t it?

On ‘World Health Day’, let’s embrace some good habits, let’s dispose of some bad ones because a healthy individual is a microcosm of a healthy community and remember: diet, exercise, and immunity always go hand in hand.

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