White Discharge in Women: Here’s what you need to Know

white discharge
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Vaginal discharge is a liquid form of discharge which is a mixture of vaginal secretions and cervical mucus. The amount and color of vaginal or White discharge vary from women to women and it depends on a variety of factors. It is termed as “Leukorrhea or Leucorrhoea”.

Let’s begin by first understanding that vaginal discharge is extremely common and in some ways required for the healthy well being of your body. It is one of the most common discharge and comes out in different forms in a woman’s cycle.

Vaginal White Discharge: Early, during and After Pregnancy

Milky discharge is very routine during the early pregnancy days. It represents the early signs of pregnancy. It occurs mostly because of the elevating and high estrogen levels.

White Discharge in women

Thick milky white vaginal discharge is actually the sign of missed pregnancy. It is one of the most familiar early pregnancy symptom. This discharge also shows the change in the hormonal level in your body.

Discharge during the second trimester of pregnancy is again common. This shows that estrogen level in your body is raised and this is a common and completely healthy sign of pregnancy. This discharge is made up of the secretions from cervix and vagina.

It can also take place during the ninth month of pregnancy. As you reach near to your delivery date white discharge might occur. A normal white discharge is the one which is runny and clear white in colour. Make sure to visit your health care provider in case of greenish or pinkish discharge.

White Vaginal Discharge during Periods

White discharge before or after the period is quite common. This is mostly painless and this is the sign of changes in your ovulation cycle. It may also be slightly yellow at times. Post period dryness is common during the initial 3-4 days. After which you will notice sticky white discharge which is the time when the egg is developing in this cycle.

Clear, runny and stretchy white discharge is common in during ovulation period. Red or brown spotting along with white discharge just before the period is a sign of implantation during pregnancy. In case you are seeing brown spotting and white discharge together and if you have already missed your periods then go for a home pregnancy test.

White discharge without a period is common if you don’t have any odor or itchiness associated with it. This is the sign that your body is making hormones and your uterus is preparing itself to have periods. This is mostly seen before the periods.

Yes, white discharge is a sign of period coming. And it is very normal in a woman’s reproductive cycle.

white discharge is a sign of period coming
white discharge is a sign of period coming

How to Stop and Control White Discharge?

In case your white discharge is extremely frequent and it is accompanied by odor, pain, irritation and such discomforting factors, then it should be immediately taken care of.

Home Remedies:

  • Wash your vaginal area always with cold water. This will keep your vaginal area free of any infections. And thus untimely vaginal discharge could also be avoided.
  • Use the rice water to clean your internal area. Rice water is loaded with nutrients and this will immensely help you in maintaining the overall vaginal health.
  • Drink ginger water each morning. Just add 1 shredded ginger in a glass of boiled water. This will help to get rid of excessive white discharge.
  • Consume 1-2 ripe bananas daily.

How Probiotics can help?

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This ensures your overall well begin of vaginal health and maintains the PH level of your vagina. The probiotic enhances your immunity level and ensures that your energy is utilized in the right direction.

More than 90 billion women on a worldwide basis trust this product and the product is even safe for pregnant women. And the USP with this medication is that women of any age can consume this. Just consume 1 capsule every day and stay away from any kind of vaginal issues.

So, what are you waiting for? This is the time to take care of your private parts and provide them with the best treatment they deserve.

women probiotics
Women Probiotics
Progina for Women

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