What are Prebiotics? 5 Natural Food Sources, Prebiotics vs Probiotics

What are prebiotics?
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What are prebiotics and why it is important for the gut? The gut science says that in order to maintain a healthy gut, a good balance of Probiotics and Prebiotics is necessary. We all are familiar with what probiotics are: they are living bacteria which when taken benefits our gut and related mechanisms. The questions which we want to be answered are, What are Prebiotics? How they are different from Probiotics? What do they contain? How they help us? Where do we find them? Are they harmful to children, etc?

Let’s begin our journey by answering the first and foremost question-

What are Prebiotics?

These are good bacteria foods which probiotics need for their growth, to flourish and to survive harsh conditions of our gut.

Prebiotics are used to increase the population of good bacteria in the gut. Prebiotics for probiotics is like water for a plant. These are non-digestible carbohydrate fibers, but remember not all non-digestible fibers are prebiotics. In order to belong to the category of Prebiotics, fibers need to fulfill certain scientific criteria.

Prebiotics are of two types:

  1. Fructo-oligosaccarides (FOS) or fructans
  2. Galacto-oligosaccardes (GOS)

prebiotic foods

How is Prebiotics Different from Probiotics?

We have learned what are probiotics in general and it’s time we should know differences between prebiotics and Probiotics. Generally speaking, Probiotics are live and active bacteria which when enters our gut through food and supplements help our gut’s health in many ways.

Whereas Prebiotics are food for good bacteria of the gut which helps good gut bacteria to flourish, grow and survive.

What are the Natural Food sources of Prebiotics?

Natural prebiotic foods could be found in many sources like bananas, garlic, mother’s milk, etc. The commonly found forms of dietary fiber are not completely digested by the bacteria in the gut and hence lack full benefits demonstrated by Prebiotics.

So, to gain full benefits out of these, large quantities of fibers should be consumed along with our diets.

Banana is a good source of prebiotic
Banana is a natural source of Prebiotic
  • Fruits like Bananas, Onions, Garlic, Asparagus, Leeks, Tomatoes, Rye grains, Barley, Chicory roots
  • Dark chocolate
  • Milk products
  • Fermented food like buttermilk
  • Mother’s milk

How does Prebiotics Help Us?

Prebiotics are food for good bacteria which helps us keep our gut and body healthy. These are resistant to gut’s acid and do not get digested by the gut and reach the gut microbiome unaltered. Prebiotics encourages good bacteria to grow.

At What Age should we start taking Prebiotics?

They enter our system with the first food that we take- our mother’s milk, telling us that they are very essential for our healthy existence and should be taken by all- from kids to adults. Natural Prebiotics do not harm anyone.

We hope this article has answered your question: What are Prebiotics? Natural foods may not fulfill your body’s need for Prebiotic. That’s why we have made Billion Cheers. It comes with 12gms of prebiotic fiber to feed the good bacteria in your gut. Have a look and learn more about this weight management product.

Probiotics 10 billion CFUs
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women probiotics
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