Conscious Eating: 9 Ways to Practice Mindful Eating

ways to practice conscious eating
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There is nothing better than the joy of Conscious Eating. In this ecstatic practice, your food befits your meditation. All that is required from you is being present at your dining table. It is a stand-alone practice- so it is fit for all. Even without sitting in a corner with eyes closed, you are meditating.

In order to get into the practice of “Conscious Eating”, there are very simple ways to start with :-

9 Simple Tips to Practice Conscious Eating

Conscious eating is not a mystery but it can lead you a mystifying experience

Conscious eating is not a mystery but it can lead you a mystifying experience. You don’t need any special skill for it. But a simple act of being present in the moment. Let’s start with the simplest of them all:

  1. Create A Separate Space Practice Conscious Eating

Make a separate space for eating. A place where you won’t get disturbed by anyone while eating. Fill it good, positive thoughts.

  2. Turn off all the Distractions

The biggest problem with today’s life is, it is full of distractions. Phone, computers, TVs- turn off all these distractions. Stop the habit of reading and eating. Your newspapers, project reports, novels, books won’t run away anywhere. Neither will they feel bad about you not reading them while eating.

   3. Get Fully Engaged in the Practice Conscious Eating

Take out a minimum of 20-30 minutes for eating. Don’t rush into meals. Don’t hasten the process of eating.

 4. Focus on the Needs of Your Body

Take a deep breath, a moment of quiet and focus on the call of your body. Let the body get fully absorbed in the feeling of hunger. Feel what body need to get filled with- a heavy meal or light, fibrous diet or protein diet, some carbs or a bit of healthy fat. And when you know exactly what you need to eat, enjoy the meal. And it is not tough as it may sound to some, the body always tells you what is required (if your gut is healthy).

   5. Be Thankful

Becoming aware of what you require and the fact that food is in front of you generates a sense of gratitude. Don’t ignore that feeling, be thankful in whatever way it resonates with you- for the gift which is keeping you alive.

   6. Captivate with All Your Senses

Feel the texture, the colour, and the aroma of food. Close your eyes and feel the goodness of it.

   7. Relish The Flavor

Take the first bite and savour the taste, and temperature of food. Bite in slowly and thoroughly and be aware of its path, the moment it leaves your mouth and enters your throat.

  8. Check-In with Your Body

Be aware of when you are full. Be mindful of what your body is telling about. Don’t over-eat but also don’t stop mid-way. Let your gut and gut-flora relish the food. If at any point of time you feel your attention drifting away, gently come back to the present moment.

   9. Conclude With a Thanks

When you are full, do not forget to give thanks to the provider as well as the food. Be thankful in your own way to whoever has prepared the meal, your mother, father, wife, husband, friend, sibling or the cook. Appreciate the contentment of being full.

enjoying meal with loved ones will increase conscious eating
Enjoying meal with loved ones will increase conscious eating

Try thinking globally while eating consciously and pass on the habit while eating in groups as well. While enjoying meals with loved ones, turn off the phones, and give time to each other. It will not only help you in conscious eating but will also improve your relationship with them. Doing so, in turn, is good for your health as well. Enjoy the laughter, conversation, and good food completely. This will increase your practice of “conscious eating”.

Consider your food and supplement carefully. Be more aware of organic, high-quality foods and supplement like Billion Cheers Probiotics and Prebiotics. Eating healthy helps in both your health needs as well as your conscious eating practice.

The relation of health and eating consciously is linked in such a way that if one is altered, the other gets affected. If you consume gut-healthy supplements, conscious eating will enhance.

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