The Mighty Gut Microbiome: The Need of it (Part 1)

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June 18, 2019 0 Comments

From the early stages in our lives, we are told to save lives of others, the vulnerable, the endangered, and the helpless beings. And we have reached a great height in saving the lives of endangered ones. One more thing we have learned from the very early, that microbes or ‘germs’ are bad for health and should be get rid of. Well that’s not completely true, not in case of the microbes that live on us and inside our body. ‘The Mighty Gut Microbiome ’ is the community of trillions of microbes that are a part of our body, specifically our gut and favor us. And we need this Mighty Gut Microbiome.

Not all germs are bad, and so is the case with ones living inside us. The microbes that live inside our gut, in contrast to popular belief, are very helpful for us and in fact, are actually very much needed for our survival.

With our hype for hygiene, we are killing this Microbiome at an increasing pace, which in return is killing us. Not directly but indirectly, as the reduction in the number of microbes in our body is giving rise to a number of health issues.

How the mighty Gut Microbiome helps us?

importance-of-gut-microbiomeBefore reaching for your hand sanitizer, just remember the following things I am about to tell you about The Mighty Gut Microbiome:


More than 75% of our defense cells lies in our gut. The gut microbiome has good bacteria which support our immune system in the following ways:

  • Guides the immune cells.
  • Send signals of pathogenic attack to the immune system.
  • Produce natural antibiotics.
  • Strengthens the gut barrier.

Food Sensitivity and Intolerance

What makes food intolerance different from sensitivity is the fact that food intolerance is not life-threatening as it does not involve immunity. While food sensitivity triggers a strong immune response. Studies have shown that food sensitivity is a result of poorly developed gut microbiome at an early stage in life. Once developed a poorly developed microbiome might result in peanut, egg, milk and similar allergies.


The good gut bacteria produce many enzymes which help in digestion like lactase. These good bacteria also produce many vitamins like B-complex and K, which the body cells cannot do on its own.

Absorption of Nutrients and Metabolism

 The gut microbiome plays another important role by helping in better absorption of nutrients, especially micronutrients, by epithelial cells of the gut. Many metabolic diseases like type 2 diabetes, IBS, GERD, etc. are found to be related to the increase in bad bacteria of the gut.

Energy distribution and Weight management

The microbiome of gut defines whether you will be obese or lean. The ratio of good and bad bacteria of gut helps in regulating the energy harvest from food. The SCFAs are formed from the fermentation of fibers by gut bacteria. The onset of obesity and alter energy homeostasis is directly linked to SCFAs.

Regulation of Mood

connection between Brain and Gut microbiome

The gut-brain axis plays an important role in maintaining the emotions and mood of a person. The major role players in the production of mood-related hormones and neurotransmitters like Dopamine- the reward hormone, GABA- the calming hormone, Oxytocin- the cuddle hormone and Serotonin- the happy hormone. These bacteria are also linked to stress, anxiety, and depression.

Skin Health

What we eat is reflected on our face. The connection between gut and skin is deep. Healthy skin requires a healthy microbiome so that skin can get proper nourishment from inside.

Vaginal Health

Bacterial vaginitis, vaginal yeast infections and now white discharge, all have been linked to the bad microbiome of the gut. In order to treat the lady areas right, treat you gut microbiome right and the rest shall follow.

The gut microbiome is linked to all the parts of the body. There is not a single organ, which is not affected directly or indirectly by the gut microbiome. From head to toe, all the parts, if working properly is due to the gut microbiome. And all the studies done on gut microbiome till now have proved its connection to almost every disease and disorder of the human body including some cancers. Gut microbiome and its importance cannot be written down in mere words but could be experienced by practically taking care and restoring the imbalanced gut microbiome. The results will answer all the doubts itself.

Billion Cheers Probiotics is one such way to know all the answers related to the gut microbiome. It is a probiotic preparation that contains 10 different strains of bacteria, all having their own specialty. It also contains prebiotic which helps in the growth of probiotics multi-fold.

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