6 Tasks Vital For The “Woman” In You

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Some people say being a woman is not easy. They are not entirely… right! As a woman, our daily life is so much engrossing. As a professional, or a mother, or a homemaker, a woman always plays multi-roles. We play all the roles well whether be a child or mother, we are responsible ones be it a lover or a wife. Always dedicated to others. But what we don’t do well is to take care of our own selves. We often forget to play one most important role – womanhood.

               “In nurturing every soul around us, we forget to nurture our own soul”

6 Things Every Woman Should Do

We plan and prepare for others, we do not do it for ourselves. So to cherish the “womanhood” we are bestowed with, to celebrate this “woman” we have, there are things every lady out there need to do.

1. Dear Women, dedicate some time for Physical Fitness

It has to be the topmost in the priority list. Women often say, “With all the work we do, we don’t really need exercise”. Well, this does not hold the truth. We need to understand the importance of physical fitness. It is required to stay active throughout the day. So dedicate at least 20 minutes to physical fitness. Do some light exercise or yoga or jog in the fresh morning air, if you prefer. Go back to your previous figure, and make your vital organs healthy again. It helps to run more oxygen to your body and gives a fresh start.

2. Allow the “woman” in you to have Peace and Purity

Your soul craves for peace and purity. And meditation works wonders to your soul. Very few of us enjoy meditation. Many think that it’s tough and require efforts. I, myself is practicing meditation for 11 years. And I can assure you it does not require any efforts.

Start with 15 min per day and you can, if you like to, sit for an hour. And trust me it will be the most peaceful, purifying moments for your day. Start with relaxing your body and calming your mind. Push away all the worries from yourself and enjoy the calming effects of meditation. If you are unable to do so, try certain relation techniques like Heartfulness relaxation or progressive muscle relaxation technique, and guide your attention to your heart at the end and stay there for as many moments to want to.

It helps to not only calm the soul but also improves the immune system and reduce ageing of the cells, including nerve cells. It helps in self-confidence, make your will-power strong, and makes you emotionally stable.

3. Relish one Meal of your choice

I have always seen the woman of the house to cook a meal for her family, with love and patience. And the whole family enjoys it including herself.

When I got married, I did the same thing, but rather than enjoying my meal, I usually ended up “just eating” the meal. One day I prepared something of my choice, what I really wanted to eat. And it was then I realized the importance of cooking at least one meal of my choice. I was happy and was at better terms with my family as well.

4. Dance it out

Remember when we were young, carefree and happy, we use to dance even on the lamest of songs as long as it is making us happy. Even the non-dancers use to pop on the beat. Bring that back in your life. Dance it out. All the worries, sorrows, tensions will go away if just dance it out. Turn on the music and dance for at least 10 min, especially when your day is tiring the hell out of you. Get insane- do the strange, eccentric, kooky moves, involve your family in it. Dance with your parents, husband, and kids. And see the difference it will make to your lives. Bring the crazy back in your life.

5. Tune in your Support system

What is our support system? The ones which are there for us even when we do not realize their presence. The ones who are working to make our lives better anonymously.

For us, our biggest support system is our gut microbiome. It is working tirelessly, without making us aware of their presence. Working to keep us healthy and active. They keep our body and mind in tune with each other and we work error free.

But it’s not good to harm these friends of ours. And by ignoring the needs of these friends we are turning the friends into our biggest foes. Supplement these friendly microbes with best probiotic food, microbiome diet, and best prebiotic fibres. Provide them with the best probiotic and prebiotic supplement like Billion Cheers. Make time for them and feed them good.

6. Make your Relationships Strong

Socializing is good. But spending too much time on virtual friendship is bad. Make a few but strong bonds. Go out and meet your real friends. Call out for reunions, hang out with old buddies, plan dates with your husband and call a night-out with your favourite cousins.

A beautiful bond and strong relationship is the key to a long-lasting happy life.

I inculcated all these things in my life and saw it change for good. Experience these yourself, coz some things cannot be described in words.

“Celebrate the “woman” in you”

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