The Secret Key for Long and Happy Life

Long and Happy Life Secrets
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In the long quest of finding the everlasting elixir of life, many have failed, many have died. And the ones who found it never lived long enough. The elixir of a long and happy life is not a folktale anymore. Scientists have actually found the secret.

Every now and then we come across some new claiming to found such a thing. And we are naturally drawn toward it. And as charming as all these claims are, they mostly work on a small group or community not all.

For this reason, a study should be extensive and should give a result for the global population. Such a study was conducted by Harvard’s, an 8-decade long study that finally revealed the secret behind a long, and happy life.

And it worked!! It worked because they tried to answer one question, one simple question:

What is The Key to Long and Happy Life?

The study involved collecting data from all sort of men, with all sort of habits. The study considered factors like marriage, children, types of work, additions, etc. After collecting data over the decades from the selected groups of people, they came across only one answer.

The Secret…

It was found that what keeps us alive for longer duration and what keeps us happy is not diet, money, luxuries, physical fitness, or best healthcare, but ‘RELATIONSHIPS’.

They found that people living a long and happy life have only one thing in common. A few strong relationships are all they have to keep them happy throughout their life. And these people were found to have a longer life span as compared to others who don’t.

‘Loneliness’ as found by the study, and contrary to popular believe of the 21st century, is a toxin for long and happy life.

And if you think that the N number of friends you have on your social media accounts count, you are wrong. It is the quality of a relationship that counts not quantity. Whether you have a bond with your brother, sister, friend, spouse, mother, neighbor next door, or just a passenger traveling with you daily, it does not matter. All that matter is that you have a strong bonded relationship, even if it is with a single person.

More superficial relationships you have, the more negative its effects will be on your health.

The Change in Physiology Changes Everything

Along with the uncountable of benefits, the strength of the relationship has a safeguarding effect on your health directly both physically and mentally.

The Surprising News!

The gut microbiome loves strong bonds too!

The gut microbiome which is the center of human health gets affected by the type of relationship you have.

The Science Behind

When you have a strong relationship, you feel security, love, respect and all the happy things. The science behind it states that in such conditions,

  • The body produces increased levels of IgA (immunoglobulin A) thus increasing immunity,
  • Decreases the levels of stress hence giving you a healthy gut microbiome,

Socializing increases the variety of strains in the gut microbiome, making it diverse. And the diverse the gut microbiome is, the more beneficial it is for health. And a healthy body has a happier longer life.

How to Find More Connections in Your Life?

Long and Happy Life Secrets

In the world full of ‘zoning-out’ devices, it can be really tough to find connections. Since the strong relationship is the key here are some tips one can follow to come out of the toxic ‘Loneliness’.

  • Start by simply spending time together in small but meaningful things. It can involve cooking together, baking together, going out to the countryside, or simply reading or enjoying a cup of coffee together.
  • Make memories, happy memories allow the brain to make hormones like dopamine, serotonin, and nor-epinephrine.
  • Try going out for walks and morning runs without your plugging your ears. When our ears are open to surrounding we get in the receptive mode and start connecting to people.
  • Take your pet outside, and leave your smartphone behind.
  • Try to connect to new people by finding similar hobbies and likes.
  • Call old friends that were once close to your heart.
  • Call your cousins or grandparents.

Come out of smartphone lives and start making real memories rather than virtual once. It is not a good idea to cut-off from people. Reach-out, connect, and make strong relationships to live a long and happy life.

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