Probiotics for Anxiety: How they help in maintaining a healthy Brain?

probiotics for anxiety
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Have you ever felt your palms sweating, your knees wobbly, and your mind wandering into different directions at the same time? If yes, then you might have experienced occasional anxiety – which is completely normal. Does the term – Probiotics for anxiety? just a myth or a modern fact.


In our stress-driven life, we sometimes come face-to-face with anxiety. Anxiety can be born out of a mental condition, physical condition or both. Its symptoms are as follows:

(a) Excessive Worrying

(b) Agitation and Irritation

(c) Restlessness and panic attacks

(d) Fatigue and lack of concentration

(e) Sleeplessness

While medical treatment can successfully cure anxiety, it is considered unwise to turn to medication. Self-treatment methods like adopting a healthy diet, sleeping well, meditating and relaxing, are also effective in reducing anxiety.

Gut, Probiotics and Brain Health Connection

Gut health is said to play a vital role in promoting mental health, along with keeping one physically fit and fine. The Gut-brain axis defines the relationship between one’s gut health and the Central Nervous System. If your digestive system is not functioning properly, then signals are communicated to your brain, affecting your mood and vice-versa. In this section we’re going to discuss probiotics for anxiety and how they help in reducing stress and depression.

Gut – our second brain is home to live bacteria called Probiotics. These good bacteria are present in trillions in our gut, and keep our gut healthy. But this is not it. The lack of microbes in our gut can result in irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, depression, and stress. Hence, ample Probiotics also elevate our mood, cutting down on anxiety and depression, thereby benefiting mental health.

Probiotics for Anxiety

Here’s how Probiotics are said to affect brain health:

  • 90% of Serotonin – the happy hormone, is made in the digestive tract and Probiotics catalyze its formation.
  • Probiotics contain a combination of different strains, some of which reduce levels of stress hormones.
  • Numerous strains present in Probiotics are also said to possess Antidepressant properties.
  •  Probiotics can help in reducing the levels of inflammation.
  •  They can lower the level of bad cholesterol and regulate blood pressure.
  •  Probiotics may aid in weight management and help you stay fit.

As far as a medical treatment for anxiety is considered, the following possible outcomes don’t blend well with a person’s health:

  • Medicinal treatment involves antibiotics that reduce gut bacteria – doing more harm than good.
  • Anxiety related drugs often turn out to be addictive.
  • Long-term antibiotic usage can cause serious damage to the stomach.

Researches are still being conducted to seal the fact that Probiotics induce long-term benefits on mental health. Till then, we are sure that they play their part and have nothing to offer us but benefits that promote our physical health, along with influencing aspects of our mental health. Probiotics supplements like billion cheers aids you in depression, relive stress and anxiety.

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