The Unique Indian Obesity- We Are ‘Thin-Fat’ Population

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WE ARE ‘THIN-FAT’ Population!!! Yes, you heard it right. Let me clear your doubts.

We all are well aware of India’s struggle for independence. Time has, of course, changed now, and no country legally in struggling for independence, but India… Around 46% of the urban population is still struggling for independence. And this time it is no outsider who rules us, but something which is our own creation- Obesity. Obesity in India is increasing at a rapid pace and its time either we deal with it or we fall prey to it.

Key Facts:

  • Cases of Obesity have doubled in number in the past 10 years.
  • The second highest number of obese children in the world is in India.
  • Our 20 Million women are obese.
  • The women of India are more at risk than men.
  • We are ‘thin-fat’ population.
  • By 2025, India will have 17million obese children.
  • 20% of school going children are obese.
  • On an average 46% of urban are obese and 73% are over-weighed, compared to less than 25% of the rural population.
  • Obesity is curable, preventable disease.

Why We Are ‘Thin-Fat’ Population!!

Obesity in India is very different from the rest of the world; we are the ‘thin-fat’ or ‘skinny-fat’ people.

Confused! Well, don’t be… you become ‘thin-fat’ when the body fat gets deposited around the belly area and abdomen and comparatively you have low, lean muscle mass- stringy muscles, narrow shoulders, but two to three tiers of belly fat.

Obesity in India is increasing at a rapid pace

The two-faced sword

India is a developing nation; it is still struggling with its own fight against poverty, diseases, unemployment, and malnutrition. In a country where death due to hunger and being underweight is still a problem prevailed by many, obesity and over-weight act as a double-edged sword for its economy and a healthy lifestyle. Nearly 15.2% of people are underweight in India and about 3,00,000 children die starvation deaths every year. On the contrary, India has the second largest number of obese children in the world and 20 million women suffer Obesity.

Obesity In India: Causes, Consequences and How to deal with it?

Obesity comes at many prices, and for the nation like ours, it is even costlier.

The Consequences of OBESITY:

Obesity comes with many diseases like:

  • Type 2 diabetes (the most common obesity-related disease in India)
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart diseases
  • Many Cancers
  • Breathing problems
  • Digestive disorders
  • Unhealthy mental balance (causing problems like depression)

Obesity in India also comes with many other problems like:

  • Loss of productivity
  • Short life
  • Added economic burden
  • Low confidence

All these consequences correspond to an economic loss of India when viewed from a larger frame.

Obesity is one of the major reason behind Type 2 diabetes

Why are we falling on the hand of Obesity?

Earlier obesity was not an epidemic in India, but today it occurred in a minor population due to genetic factors and Carbohydrate rich Indian diet. But the Indian diet never lacked fibers. Consumption of grain of commoners like sorghum, maize, and other whole grains and a life full of activity made sure that we remain fit and lean without getting fat. It was when we started assimilating certain habits, more of our population started getting obese.

Habits which are becoming a part and parcel of urban lifestyle, and a major reason behind obesity in India are:

  • Stress
  • Inactive sedentary life
  • Increased TV hours
  • Eating fried food after 6 p.m.
  • Eating engineered junk food
  • Availability of processed food
  • Healthy sugars in sweets, desserts, and drinks
  • Stressed environment
  • Lack of awareness about the right nutrition
  • Implementing diets which are neither completely western nor completely Indian
  • Increasing alcoholism

The Unique Indian Obesity- We Are 'Thin-Fat' Population 1

We Indians have a unique gut-microbiome

About 9% of our microbial are unique to the world thanks to our different lifestyle and dietary habits. “Indian-diet” has always been full of fibers and organic, naturally fermented foods. Changes in this pattern, getting westernized without fully understanding it, and not balancing the desi with western eating habits, has caused more damage than benefits.

Reaching the Root Cause

Obesity is, as we know, deposition of excess fat in our body which is causing every trouble, is not the real reason, but it is the outcome of the production of excess fat from food which our body is not using completely. What if unlike other weight-loss supplements we could find something that targets this cause and stops the production of extra fat from food in the first place.

This production is regulated by our gut-microbiome, community of trillions of good bacteria that guards and regulates the harvest of energy and fat from food. When these tummy buddies reduce in number and tummy baddies rises instead, fat production and storage increases causing obesity.

How to deal with obesity?

Dealing with chronic ailments like obesity and problems that come along with it requires a complete change in habits and lifestyle. Crucial players being:

  • Exercise a minimum of 150-300 minutes per week
  • Change in dietary habits, including eating more fibers, fewer sugars, fewer fries, less processed and no junk
  • Awareness about nutrition, like eating food having longer-lasting calories, a balanced diet of proteins, good fat, minerals, and carbs
  • Weight-loss supplements

The Unique Indian Obesity- We Are 'Thin-Fat' Population 2

Probiotics to the rescue

Probiotics are live good bacteria which are gut-buddies and help in restoring the lost balance of gut microbiome. In Indian lifestyle when we don’t have the proper time to eat, sleep or exercise; it becomes very important to take the right kind of dietary supplement which helps you reduce already existing fat and ends the chance fat deposition in the future.

There are foods like curd and cheese, which ones contained large numbers of probiotics but the number now has reduced due to the rise in the trend of pasteurization. These probiotics, once, when given with the right kind of prebiotic fibers keep a check on our obesity. But now we need a supplement which can provide us with more health benefits and put a halt on our obsession with obesity without causing us much trouble or consuming our time, which we don’t have.

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