Easy 9 Step Meal Plan to Lose Weight without Starving Yourself

meal plan to lose weight
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Dieting!? Trying to lose weight!? It’s good to have a good shape, right. But… Starving yourself!? I guessed it right. You are starving yourself to diet. Now, that’s bad. We all have been there. We all want that slim waist, zero-figure, beach body. But that delicious food, the hot, tasty mouth-watering, satisfying meal. It is being missed, the satisfaction of eating as much as you want. And if you are a foodie like me, it must be a hell of an experience. All I am saying is, you might want to think twice about your Meal Plan to lose weight if it is starving you and stopping you to eat your favorite food.

Would you like to know about my daily meal plan? But Beware! You might start hating your Meal-Plan after that. Because mine allows me to eat as much as I want to.

Think about it, you wake up all set to lose weight and eat sweet-soft cake, or a pancake dripping with butter and honey, or about anything you want to, and still lose weight. With my meal plan, it’s possible, I am not kidding.

Daily Calorie needs

Though calorie intake depends on age, gender, physical activities, etc. But in general, for a person doing moderate physical activity, the calorie intake per day can be generalized to an approximate digit.  A healthy adult man needs around 2,500kcal per day and a healthy adult woman that requirement is around 2,000kcal. And in order to get all these calories, you simply have to know, how many calories should be taken at that time. This meal plan will help you know the exact calorie intake in order not to gain weight and be full at the same time.

The “9-Step” Meal Plan to Lose Weight

This plan allows you to intake the required amount of calories needed by your body. You don’t need to starve yourself, all you have to do is to know how many calories should you take and when you take it. You start with more calories in the morning and decrease it gradually.

Our bodies process food differently at different times of the day.

This Meal-Plan will help you lose weight and increase alertness throughout the day.

Step 1- Have a Heavy Breakfast

This is the most important part. Have a heavy breakfast. Start your day with at least 500-600 calories for breakfast. The body’s metabolism is most efficient in the morning hours. Make it the most important meal of your day. Have a well-balanced meal mixed with proteins, fats, fibers and carbs. Try to go high on proteins and carbs. And if you wanna try a pizza or other craving food, you can, but before 9 a.m. in the morning. It’s the best time for your body to digest it fully and use not to store it as an extra layer of fat.

Also, try to eat sweets as it helps the body produce serotonin.

When you take heavy breakfast, it helps boost metabolism, reduces appetite and decreases cravings of food.

Step 2- Make Fruits Your Friends

Whenever you feel the need to eat in between meals, try to eat fruit and nuts. These are rich in fibers and natural sugars. Restrict the calorie intake to 100-150kcal and not more than that. 1 to 2 serving of mixed fruit bowl full. Eat seasonal fruits and add nuts and seeds to it. Fruits also help in detoxifying the body.

eat rich fiber fruits
eat rich fiber fruits

Step 3- Stop Skipping Meals

Try not to skip meals, it lowers your metabolism and makes your body go on “survival” mode. As a result of which, you crave for unhealthy snacks. Resulting in weight gain and health issues.

Step 4- Be Merrier with More Water

Drink more water, you probably know that. But what important is, again, the timing. Drink water at least 30 mins prior to eating. It helps the body absorb more nutrients. And do not drink water just before or after the meal. It dilutes the digestive juices. After the meal, practices taking a break of at least 20 minutes and then drink water.

Step 5- A Medium Lunch is Suffice

When it comes to lunch consume 400-500 calories in lunch. Low in carbs and more in protein in the best plan to go with. Eat roughage, high dietary fibre in lunch. During lunchtime, fiber consumption does not cause bloating.

Step 6- Have a Probiotic Perfection

Taking probiotic supplements is the best decision for your gut health. The tiny alive bacteria present in probiotic supplements do wonders to our body. Billion Cheers probiotics help in reducing weight by taking care of gut flora. It contains 10 strains of good bacteria which help to maintain the SCFA production. SCFAs helps regulate metabolism, helps to harvest less energy from food, and controls body weight. Billion Cheers also helps to maintain satiety for a longer duration of time and controls craving for fatty and unhealthy food. But for maximum results, it should be taken at least 30 mins prior to the meal. it could be taken one time of before every meal.

Step 7- Don’t forget to have a bit “Active” day

I have seen people doing strenuous exercises, sweating the life out of them. With this Meal-Plan all you need is to do is to make your day active. Involve dancing, jogging, walking, cycling, aerobics and simply anything which can make your day happy and active. Give your body a 15-20 minute break from your sedentary life. One thing to do for yourself, your family and happiness are Family Yoga.

do yoga for a fit body
do yoga for a fit body

Step 8- Eat your Dinner Early

One thing that keeps you away from indigestion, i.e., bloating, discomfort, feeling full too quickly, heartburn, etc. is eating dinner 2-3 hour before sleep. Time restricted eating reduce hunger pangs and digests food properly. It also helps in proper absorption of nutrients.

Step 9- End Your Day with a Light Dinner

For Dinner consume a 300-400kcal meal, with low carbs and low protein content. It keeps full and does not add on weight. During nighttime our metabolism is slow, so we need to give a light meal to our stomach.

These 9-steps will keep you active throughout the day. And helps you not to starve yourself. Following these steps will help reduce 21% more weight as compared to the low-carb diet.

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