Kareena Kapoor’s 6 Tips to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

kareena kapoor before and after pregnancy
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Kareena Kapoor, who is one of the country’s biggest star, has been giving us fashion and fitness goals even since she set her foot in the industry. Perhaps, her post-pregnancy weight loss journey has been fabulous, giving new fitness goals to many women who want to shed the baby weight. She like all moms-to-be, had a wonderful time during her pregnancy, enjoying all the attention showered on her by her family and friends. She indulged some of her crazy pregnancy cravings too and focused only on the health of the baby in her womb, not on gaining less weight.

Kareena Kapoor is known for her tremendous weight loss, has opened up about how she shed baby fat. To recap, Kareena gave birth to her first child, Taimur Ali Khan, in December 2016. The actor weighed 90kg during her pregnancy, and after  Taimur’s birth, Kareena has managed to lose 32 kg.

Kareena Kapoor has always been known for her tremendous body transformations, and she gives the entire credit to her dietician Rujuta Diwekar. Here are the post-pregnancy weight loss tips that Kareena has been using – and you just have to see her know that these tricks have already started showing results!

Kareena’s Mantras To Shed Pregnancy Weight Post-Delivery


No Crash Diets

While crash diets may seem like a quick weight loss solution, they are really harmful! Instead of looking for a crash diet, stick to a healthy postnatal Indian diet that gives sufficient nourishment while also aids you keep fit, particularly if you are breastfeeding.

Kareena Kapoor at the gym

Stock Up on Iron and Calcium

This is one highly overlooked detail that interferes both with losing the fat and overall health post-delivery.“In individual pregnancy, you drop five years of calcium in the body.” This is exactly why she has been stocking up on dairy products – especially yogurt, and milk.

Don’t Avoid These Foods

Everything – from rice, sugar, to cashew nuts and jaggery, is good for your body. do not remove these items from your diet. In fact, there is no food that you should completely avoid. The main thing, as Kareena explained, is to feel happy and strong about your food choices instead of feeling tired and deprived all the time. There is nothing that you can’t eat if you learn to control the portions of the food you are eating.

These Foods to Fight Dark Circles

Along with excess weight, another condition that makes everything harder is dark circles. A lot of women complain about developing dark circles -postpregnancy, and they seem to be permanent! Kareena and Rujuta listed the following foods for any and every woman to get rid of her dark circles in a healthy way. The best part is that some of them, such as buttermilk, also keep your digestion intact which means speedier weight loss.

  • Bajra roti, jaggery, and ghee
  • Aaliv (Garden cress seed)
  • Coconut and jaggery laddoos
  • Til (sesame) chikki or laddoos
  • Chaas (buttermilk)
  • Foods high in Vitamin B12 (chicken, fish, and eggs)

Do NOT Ditch Rice

As unbelievable as it may sound, Kareena shared a critical part of her regime with everyone – two of her mealtimes in a day comprise rice! Yes – Kareena is consuming rice after delivery in order to lose the pregnancy weight. Rice, in fact, helps your gut to rebuild its microflora. A lot of good bacteria that get washed away from your body as a result of delivery, can be restored because of rice.

The Best Exercise – Walking

After pregnancy, even getting onto a treadmill may require tremendous effort – Kareena expressed as much herself. However, the easiest and safest exercise for women to do post delivery is walking.

“Post-pregnancy, when even getting on a treadmill can be tough, 20-30 minutes of walking can really help.

  • Kareena also swears by yoga and Pilates.
  • The ‘Flying Fit’ Technique for Losing Weight

Finally, and this has more to do with your mental strength – just be patient. No tricks are going to show results overnight. But if you are consistent and have faith, the results will start showing in a few months. Kareena mentioned again and again how important it was to have faith in whatever efforts you were taking in order to regain your body.

All we will say is when you look at Kareena Kapoor, it all seems legit!

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