Indian Weight Loss Diet Plan for Women: Lose Weight Quickly

weight loss diet plan for women
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Indian women are often pressed for time. They have a lot of stress and pressure. And put their own health at the end of their priority list and hence they become overweight. Women should avoid some bad habits like skipping meals or frequently visiting fast food restaurants. Eating a healthy diet will help them to feel better and deal with stress. Checkout Indian weight loss diet plan for women here.

7 Day Weight Loss Diet Plan for Women

Here is a simple weight loss diet plan for women. You can amend it according to your requirements – calorie, food restrictions, and food likings.

Week DaysBreakfastLunchDinner
MondayA bowl of milk with cornflakes, dry fruits, and fresh fruits.Whole-grain roti with Chickpea curryPalak paneer with rice
TuesdayIdli with sambarWhole-grain roti with mixed vegetables and tofuChana masala with rice
WednesdayRagi porridgeKhichdi with papad and chutneyWhole-grain roti with mixed vegetable
ThursdayDosa with sambarMultigrain parathas with curdRice with egg curry
FridayRagi roti with chutneyBrown rice with sambarWhole- grain roti with rajma curry
SaturdayMuesli with milkKhichdi mixed with vegetables and saladsAloo Paratha with raita
SundayBuckwheat porridgeRice with chicken curryWhole-grain roti with paneer tikka masala

Diet Plan for Teenage Girls:

Teenage is the key phase of our life. At this age hormonal changes take place within the body. This age is the growth phase and hence, special attention is needed for the complete fitness of the body and mind. Lack of physical exercise and consumption of too much fast and tasty junk food are pushing lots of teenagers into obesity.

Teenagers feel conscious about their health, particularly when they can afford to shed a few kilos. The losing weight is a time taken process: eat fewer calories so that you can burn each day and do regular exercise.

If you are overweight please do not fast yourself to lose weight. All you should follow the essential rules that are a balanced diet and physical exercise. These two will assist you to achieve your desired weight. There are some guidelines to lose weight fast for teenagers.

diet plan for teenage girls

High Fiber Foods:

You should eat high fiber foods which will keep you full for a longer time. Don’t skip your breakfast; the teenagers who skip breakfast are more prone to be overweight.

Calcium Rich Foods:

Calcium is very much essential for teenagers for proper bone expansion and bone density. The amounts of calcium needed around 1200 mg a day. So it is advisable to drink milk, curd, and yogurt as it helps in strengthening the bones.

High Iron Foods:

Iron is one of the significant minerals which helps to deliver oxygen to the tissues and increases the working power of the immune system.

Fruits and Vegetables:

Fruits and vegetables are the greatest sources of vitamins and minerals required by growing teenagers.


To keep you hydrated keep drinking lots of water. It helps you to burn the body fat. You can take in other liquids like fruit juices and milk.

Weight Loss Diet Plan for a Working Women

Indian working women are facing a severe problem of weight gain. Are you too busy to lose weight? There are some strategies which will help you to come out of bad habits for smart choices that can become lifetime and allow you to reach these goals: lose weight; become fit, livelier and less exhausted; and make healthy eating and work out. All that you require is a little discipline and dedication.

A balanced diet is a keystone of health. Women should eat a variety of nourishing foods which includes whole grains, vegetables, fruits, fats, low-fat dairy, and protein. But women have special nutrient requirements, at each stage of a woman’s life, these requirements change from time to time.

Food plays a very important role in our weight loss diet plans. Working women should follow these healthy eating plans on a regular basis to reduce their body weight.

Eat a healthy breakfast: If you’re trying to lose weight, a healthful breakfast is a key to start the day.

  • Whole-grain cereals
  • Milk, yogurt, or curd for protein
  • Fresh fruit, veggies

Eat plenty of foods rich in calcium: We should eat plenty of foods which are rich in calcium in building up stores of calcium in our bodies to prevent osteoporosis afterward in life. If anyone of you dislikes milk, try to add sufficient amounts of low-fat yogurt, curd, and green leafy vegetables in your regular diet.

If you want to lose weight, do it wisely: Skipping meals is not good for health. Have a balanced diet and exercise.

Limit your sugar intake: Sugar supplies calories in the diet so try to avoid eating sugar.

Drink plenty of water: Our body requires at least 2 liters of water, and, if you exercise energetically, you may require more.

Enjoy your food: You must enjoy the food while eating. It is a lot more than diet for our bodies, so take enough time to enjoy and relish it!

diet plan for working women and women over 40

An Ideal Weight Loss Diet Plan for Women Over 40

Losing weight is really tough. But losing weight after the age of 40 is an actual struggle as lots hormonal changes happen and hence lifestyle adjustments and exercise required.

Eating better food: Include fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Don’t skip meals: Skipping meals increases the body fat instead of burning them. It also increases the possibility of blood sugar.

Eat less at night: You should always eat less at night which will help you to lose weight.

Cook healthy meals: Skip fried foods.

Boost your calcium intake: Calcium intake is very much important. A diet plan for a 40-year-old woman should consist of sufficient dairy products like milk and yogurt. On the other hand, it’s essential to choose only low-fat products.

Have your thyroid checked: If you can’t lose weight even after healthy food and regular exercise, you should get your thyroid checked.

Eat enough probiotics: You should eat enough probiotics which helps in obese.

Make time for exercise: Exercise and yoga can assist to enhance your energy levels and endorse weight loss, which makes exercise and yoga one of the best techniques to lose weight for women over 40.

Get good sleep: You should get a good quality sleep which is also important to lose weight.

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