5 Daily Tips to Increase your Immunity: Surpassing Citrus & Using Probiotics

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Citrus like oranges, lemon, etc. have always been known for their immunity boosting effects. It is believed, since time immemorial, by humankind that vitamin C increases the power of the immune system. Latest studies have shown that it increases the production of white blood cells which are the guardians of our immune system. But not everyone is a fan of citrus, the reasons are valid enough:

  • There is no fixed quantity
  • Excessive intake might lead to:
    • Indigestion
    • Stomach cramps
    • Nausea, vomiting
    • Loss of appetite
    • Increased sweating and swelling
    • In rare cases:
      • yellowing of eyes or skin
      • bloody or black, tarry stool
      • bloody or cloudy urine

The immune system is our key to disease-free existence. If this defense system of our body gets somehow compromised, all sort of disease and germs attack us, we become vulnerable. In other words, if it becomes overactive, we suffer from autoimmune diseases in which the immune system attacks and damages its own tissues.

Therefore, a balanced immune system is must to live a healthy, carefree life- for visiting new places, people, foods, and experiences- without worrying about the illness of any sort.

Ways to boost your Immunity: Forgetting Citrus & Using Probiotics

Here are some wonderful things to incorporate in Daily routine which boost the Immune System.

Make Probiotics an integral part

A healthy gut is very important for a healthy body, this holds accurate as about 80% of the immune system is in our gut. And our gut flora is linked to our immune system. So a healthy gut microbiome is very important for a balanced immune system. And to maintain a healthy gut flora, probiotic supplements are necessary.

Probiotics are good bacteria for health
Probiotics are good bacteria

What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are live gut microbes which when taken confer both, great health benefits to gut as well as eliminate the bad bacteria by taking up their space.

Probiotics keep in check the release of toxins and harmful bacteria from entering our bloodstream.

Researches have proved that gut probiotic microbes increase antibodies, helps in protein synthesis and antimicrobial compounds and increase the immune power of the body.

  • What to do! The finest way is to supplement you with a daily dose of best probiotic for your gut flora and immune health. Billon Cheers is multi-strain, exclusively researched Probiotic & prebiotic supplement having 11 special strains of bacteria with a strength of 24 Billion CFUs. It not only stimulates your immune system but is also a weight management probiotic.

Exercise is equally Important


excercise to increase your immunity
 exercise to increase your immunity

A moderate exercise, which increases the resting heart rate by 50 to 60%, is very good for health. The strenuous exercise can temporarily weaken immunity, doing moderate exercise for 15 to 20 min daily results in improved immune functioning.

One such study conducted concluded that the person doing moderate exercise daily id at 30% less risk of getting infections and respiratory disease as compared to the person living a sedentary life.

  • What to do! Take a talking test before starting your exercise. In a moderate exercise, having a conversation is easy, but in a strenuous or vigorous exercise, it is very hard to keep up with a conversation.

Laugh your heart out

“A child’s laughter”, the phrase automatically brings a smile on us. Laughing is good not only for health but also for the soul. Researches have shown that it has immense not only psychological effects like stress-relieving, mood improvement but also many physiological benefits. The carefree, buoyant, euphoric laughter improves immune function.

What to do! Some laughter yoga, watching old school shows from cartoon network like ‘Tom n Jerry show’, or some comedy laughter shows, and some of your favorite sitcoms. Find a way to add more laughter in your life to keep your life and body healthy.

Fruit and Vegetables make your day

The true bundle of joy comes in the form of a basket of fresh n organic fruits n vegetables. From the shades of red to violet the perfect rainbow of health n happiness, which when consumed on a daily basis is beneficial in heart health, metabolism, digestion, skin health, energy levels, and immunity.

  • What to do! At least 8 to 10 serving of fresh organic fruits and vegetables combined, every day gives a power punch to immunity and health

A good night sleep for a healthy body

Our lifestyle today allows us many things to do like work, play, meet friends, enjoy life, travel, but one- sleep. We are a sleep-deprived generation. The lack of sleep leads to a rapid decline in health, particularly a foggy brain and a very weak immune system.

      • What to do! Make a priority to have at least 6 to 8 hours of sound and undisturbed sleep.

Take Away:

In order to live a healthy life throughout the year, take help from your microscopic friends that live inside the gut- the gut flora. The above-mentioned tips directly or indirectly linked to a healthy gut. And a healthy gut is linked to a powerful immune system.

Making better lifestyle choices is key to everything.

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