How to get rid of Fat Tummy after C-section?

get rid of fat tummy after C-section
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Are you wondering how to get rid of fat tummy after C-section? You might feel it’s impossible to go back into the pre-baby figure. But it is really possible by giving little dedication and patience for the long way in reducing the stubborn Belly fat after C-section. We mothers know that motherhood is a beautiful and gratifying stage of our life.

But still, most of us are also continuously concerned about the external looks of our body after pregnancy and strive instantly to get back that lean look. On the other hand, you should give your body a break to recover after delivery, especially after Caesarean. Don’t force yourself to lose additional kilos after a C-section. It will be unsafe for your body and will cause unnecessary problems. There is a sample of helpful and safe ways to get rid of fat tummy after C-section.

What is the C -section?

The other name of c-section is cesarean section. In this process, a baby is delivered through a surgical incision from the mother’s belly and uterus. In some cases, a c-section is planned in advance and in others, it is required due to unexpected difficulties.

Why women get Fat Tummy after C-section?

C-section is more intricate than a normal delivery, so post-operative recovery is very important. You should wait for the stitches to get dissolve and the cut to get healed before starting any workout and exercises hence; tummy lessening is really very difficult after C-section delivery. But there are some other ways which will help you to flatten your tummy.

The uterus needs to shrink: Your belly was your baby’s first house for long 40 weeks. Your uterus takes 6 to 8 weeks to shrink back to normal after the delivery so be patient.

You may be retaining fluid from your delivery: At the time of pregnancy, our body produces 50% extra fluids than normal to support the unborn baby. You might notice for the first few days after delivery you’ll urinate more frequently and you might sweat a lot too. All these will help you to return back to normal again.

You may hold on to extra weight: During a healthy pregnancy, doctors advise women to put on weight between 10 and 15 kg. At the time of delivery, one will lose only 4 kg. 3 kg baby and 1 kg of amniotic fluid and blood but still leaves you with an extra 6 kg of weight.

Your abdominal muscles are stretched: At the time of pregnancy, the belly area won’t be as tight as it was before you got pregnant because it will stretch out your abdominal muscles.

Tips to get rid of Fat Tummy after C-section

Before starting physical exercises here are some tips which will help you to get rid ofbelly fat after C-section delivery.

Eat healthy: As mothers are lactating so they require high energy. So their diet should be rich in carbohydrates, enough vitamins and minerals, and less fat. They should stay away from fried foods, butter, ghee, and sweets. You should include more proteins, fruits, and vegetables in your diet.

Hydrate yourself: Drinking plenty of water after delivery, which is really very important, it will not only assist to keep fluid balance but also helps in burning off the surplus fat from your body.

Breastfeeding: Breastfeeding is really important to reduce those extra kilos that you loaded up at the time of pregnancy. Breastfeed your baby fully for the first six months which will help to decrease the tummy fat.

Move your body: Before starting your exercises aggressively start walking, as it is a low impact exercise which burns calories and helps to boost your metabolism.

Massage: Massage is very important after post pregnancy. But keep in mind; you should start your message when your body has completely healed up. Massage assists to break up the belly fat.

Tummy Binder: Tummy binding is an old procedure of putting in the tummy is the tummy binder. The tummy is tied up with a muslin cloth like a bandage this helps the tummy fat to reduce.

Abdominal Belt: You can use a tummy reducing belt after C-section only when you have completely healed up.

Diet Tips for Mothers:

  • In the first few weeks after a C-section:

It takes almost 6 weeks to heal completely from c-section. It takes longer if there are any complications. At this time don’t diet to lose weight. As you are breastfeeding your child you need sufficient calories and nutrients to nourish you and your baby. So have a balanced meal containing fresh fruits containing vitamin c, fresh vegetables, proteins, and low fat. Avoid junk foods. This will help you to get rid of fat tummy after c-section.

  • In the months after cesarean delivery:

Everyone loses pregnancy weight at different rates. Breastfeeding helps you to burn your daily calorie intake. You should eat between 500 and 750 calories less than you burn daily will lead to a weight loss of 450 grams per week. Exercise also helps to lose weight.

Be fit and Healthy Women

Enjoy every single minute of your motherhood with your little one and keep yourself calm, fit and healthy. So go forward and try these guidelines to get that tummy fat out of your way.

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