Foods to Eat in Fatty Liver : What to Eat and What to Avoid, 4 Prevention Tips

foods to eat in fatty liver
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Foods play a vital role in the maintaining of the liver. Check out some healthy foods to eat in fatty liver. Our liver is one of the largest internal organs with 500 different roles. It includes the breakdown of food into energy and helps the body to clean the waste product and fights infections in bowels. Fatty liver is the accumulation of extra fat in the liver which leads to serious health issues. Fatty liver is becoming a more common condition, currently affecting around 25 to 30 percent of people in Europe and the United States. It is also known as Hepatic Steatosis.

 How to Diagnose a Fatty Liver?

Early stage fatty liver is diagnosed when the proportion of liver cells that contain fat is more than 5 percent. This is often diagnosed by looking at small samples taken from the liver under a microscope. Ultrasounds, CT scans, and MRI scans can also help evaluate the fat content of the liver.

Commonly, the diagnosis is incidental. Some tests which identify the disorder are:-

  • Ultrasound (Ultrasonography): It can accurately identify fatty liver. The liver size can be measured and this test can be valuable in grading the improvement.
  • Liver Function Tests: This test provide a deeper understanding of the cause of fatty liver.
  • Computed Tomography Scan (CT scan): Measures internal organs accurately.
  • MRI: Scan the structures of internal organs.

What Foods to Avoid and Eat when you have a Fatty Liver?

There are a number of foods you should avoid if you are suffering from fatty liver. It is better to restrict these food items in your diet as soon as you come to know that you are suffering from fatty liver.

Foods to Avoid in Fatty Liver

  • Alcohol – Alcohol is a major cause of suffering from fatty liver. And thus you must maintain some distance from alcohol. Alcohol is a strict no even if you are suffering from grade 1 fatty liver.
  • Sugar – Stay away from food products which contain added sugar content. High blood sugar increases the amount of fat build up in your body. Stay away from food items like candies, cookies, sodas and fruit juices.
  • Deep Fried Foods – They are high in fat and calorie that increases fat in the liver.
  • Red Meat – Beef and meat are also rich in fat because of this your liver may suffer from fatty liver disease.
  • Salt – This is a major cause of fatty liver so consumption of this should be less.

Foods to Eat in Fatty Liver

Since the liver is already functionally slowed down, you need to have foods which are light on the gut and easy to digest. Here are the lists of foods to eat in fatty liver. Include the following foods which will help in detoxifying the liver and further normalizing the liver enzymes.

  • Eat Plenty Of Fruits & Vegetables:
    Include bright colored fruits and vegetables such as guava, amla, sweet lime, oranges, kiwis, strawberries, broccoli, bell peppers, spinach, etc, in your diet. They are rich in vitamin C, having an antioxidant property and anti-inflammatory properties which helps in the treatment of many chronic and various grades of fatty liver diseases. It acts as a mediator in the absorption of iron, thereby reducing the workload on the liver.
  • Have Fibrous Foods:
    Take more fiber in your diet which helps in filtering the waste products from the liver. Consume legumes, whole grains, and vegetables like carrots, radishes which are rich in fiber.
  • Prefer Gluten-Free:
    Millets like jowar, bajra, ragi (Nachni), and buckwheat, that are easily absorbed and take lesser time to digest compared to wheat and maida.
  • Restrict Your Fat Intake:
    Fats are an essential part of a balanced diet, but consuming too many fatty foods is not good for the liver. Choose to eat foods like corn, soybean, walnuts, and flaxseeds. Go for baked food products.
  • Avoid Stimulants:
    Prefer green tea and black tea instead of milk tea and coffee. This creates an alkaline atmosphere in the digestive system which aids the healing process.
  • Consume Plenty Of Liquids:
    The consumption of an adequate amount of water, buttermilk, coconut water, and soups helps in excreting unwanted fats from the liver, thereby stimulating the normal liver function.
  • Go Vegetarian:
    Consuming red meat, eggs, and other forms of meat will only damage the liver. It is advisable to avoid the consumption of seafood since it might be polluted with heavy metals and other chemicals.

Regular consumption of these foods will accelerate the healing process and may take a long time in treating fatty liver disease effectively. Exercising regularly which will improve the blood circulation and stimulate the liver functions.

Fatty Liver Prevention Tips:

  • Say No To Alcohol
    Or if you have started having alcohol, try not to have more than two pegs in a week.
  • Quit Smoking
    Smoking can cause many biochemical and hemodynamic changes which make you more vulnerable to liver damage.
  • Control Weight Gain
    70% of persons suffering from NASH are found to be obese.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids
    Found to be promising in preventing fatty liver. Found in natural foods like walnuts, fish oils (cod, salmons), and flaxseed oils.

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