7 Vegetarian Foods to Avoid in Bad Cholesterol

foods to avoid in bad cholesterol
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Foods to avoid in bad cholesterol increased the risks of heart disease. In this article, let’s discuss what is cholesterol and how it affects the human body? Cholesterol is perhaps a highly misinterpreted substance. It is some kind of waxy substance that is located on one’s own body and in animal products such as dairy, eggs, and meat. Cholesterol has an important role to play in the building of vitamin D, hormones in our body and the most important the bile juice that is utilized for digesting fats. It is also one of the essential units of every cell in our body as it provides strength to the cell membranes.

Many research has shown that in most of the people, consuming healthy food items with high cholesterol levels will not harm the health, however, many people avoid such food products. Our liver makes the whole amount of cholesterol needed by our body to function properly. It is furthermore introduced in our body by consuming animal products.

Vegetarian Foods to Avoid in Bad Cholesterol

Cholesterol is being transported in our body through Low-Density Lipoproteins (LDL) and High-Density Lipoproteins (HDL) because cholesterol does not get mixed with blood. LDL is commonly known as ‘bad cholesterol’ because it helps in the building of plaque in our arteries which narrows these arteries and the flow of blood is blocked from and to the heart and other different organs due to which one can suffer from chest pain or even a heart attack. Whereas HDL is commonly known as ‘good cholesterol’ because it helps in excreting the excess cholesterol present in our body by bringing it back to the liver after which the liver flushes it out from our body.

Some of the factors that increase the risk of bad cholesterol in our body are obesity, lack of exercise, diabetes, age, smoking habits, and a poor diet too. Increased level of bad cholesterol leads to angina that is chest pain, heart attack, and a stroke. In order to prevent oneself from these symptoms, one can do regular exercise and avoid eating vegetarian food products that have hidden bad cholesterol in them.

Say No to these 7 Foods if you have High Cholesterol

While certain cholesterol-rich foods are highly nutritious and beneficial for health, others can be harmful. Here are 7 high-cholesterol food to avoid in bad cholesterol.

Canola Oil or other Processed Vegetable Oils

Canola oil when undergoes hydrogenation, there is an increased level of trans fats in it. These trans fats are such fats which are known to increase low-density lipoproteins and lower down high-density lipoproteins in the body. Some other oils that contain these trans fatty acids are soy oil, safflower oil, corn oil, and vegetable oil.

Potato Chips or other Packaged Food

Due to these unhealthy snacks, there are increased rates of obesity in many people due to which there are increased bad cholesterol levels. Thus, one should avoid eating these unhealthy snacks like fried foods, potato chips, and crackers.

Cookies and other Sweet Treats

Dietary sugar is the main cause of obesity, many chronic diseases, and some cardiometabolic risk factors. Researches have proved that added sugar in the packed and processed food products are directly linked to increased levels of LDL, decreased levels of HDL and raised triglycerides.

This includes all the baked goods like cakes, pastries, cookies, muffins, and candies. Even the sweetened beverages assist in weight gain and even in inflammation which impacts the cholesterol levels of the human body in a negative manner. Some of these beverages include energy drinks, soda, and juices too.


Moderate consumption of alcohols that is, up to 5 ml a day, may not lead to high risks of cardiovascular diseases but a high intake of alcohols leads to raised triglycerides and blood pressure of the body. Researches have shown that there are increased risks of heart diseases due to too much consumption of alcohols, for women beginning at 30grams a day and for men being 45 ml a day.

Milk and other Dairy Products

Milk fat consists of different types of fatty acids out of which some have negative consequences on cholesterol. Myristic acid and lauric acid,  types of saturated fatty acids, help in increasing the total plasma cholesterol and specifically LDL. Modern studies have shown that replacing the saturated fatty acids in dairy products with polyunsaturated fatty acids decreases the amount of LDL in the body which directly reduces the risk of many cardiovascular diseases.

Refined Grain Products

The amount of high-density lipoproteins is decreased due to the consumption of more refined carbs in the diet from food products like tortillas, bread, pasta, and bagels. One should opt for some high quality and sprouted bread or one can even go for fruits as an option.

Ice Cream

One might not easily digest this fact that even ice cream has some hidden amount of bad cholesterol in it which is equivalent to 10 doughnuts.

So above are some foods to avoid in bad cholesterol. Hence one should avoid unhealthy food products in order to stay fit and free from risks of heart diseases and strokes.

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