Inspiring! Divyanka Tripathi’s Weight Loss Tips and Workout Plan

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The television star who gained popularity as Ishita in the show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has taken the internet by storm with her recent pictures. The actress has come a long way not only in her acting career but also in terms of fitness. The fans are immensely surprised to see the drastic weight change and we can totally see that she is embracing her transformation journey with pride. Checkout Divyanka Tripathi weight loss diet plan and workout routine.

Divyanka has always been a celebrated actress in the Indian television industry but her amazing weight loss has left her fans in joy and we couldn’t agree more that she is a true motivational source for everyone. Here we are sharing how she has been able to shed those extra pounds.

Divyanka Tripathi: Weight Loss Diet Plan

Divyanka revealed that she is not one of those lucky souls who get to eat whatever they want without gaining weight. She really controls her diet and makes sure she eats healthily throughout the day to look fabulous in every shot. Divynaka is a vegetarian and also has trouble digesting carbs, and therefore her diet is pretty limited.

Morning rituals: Morning rituals are the secret to the fitness of a lot of celebrities. Divyanka’s morning ritual is to drink a lot of water in the morning and start her day with green tea. When on a detox diet, she drinks green juice in the morning to make sure her body is cleaned of all the toxins. She begins eating at around 10 in the morning.

Breakfast: Breakfast is Divyanka’s favorite meal of the day. Divyanka’s breakfast comprises of healthy foods like fresh fruits with pancakes with a twist. Instead of making her pancakes with refined flour, she uses almond flour or quinoa flour to make her pancakes. She likes to keep her breakfast whole and nutritious.

Lunch: Divyanka likes to keep her lunch light. She eats a lot of cottage cheese which is rich in protein and protein is very important for weight loss. Wraps made with chapatis and cottage cheese or similar healthy foods are what she likes to include in her diet for a light, healthy lunch. Divyanka refrains from eating rice, sugar and if she gets a chance to eat rotis, she might as well call it a cheat day.

Mid-day snack: Her mid-day snacks are also light and nutritious. Cutlets made with lots of green vegetables and no oil are Divyanka’s favorite mid-day snack. Divyanka also nibbles on cheese cubes between her shots and as a mid-day snack. Cheese is a healthy fat and can aid weight loss if had in regulated amounts.

Dinner: Divyanka chooses the healthy way for dinner again and eats some healthy vegetables like broccoli, green leafy veggies, and others. Soup makes for a great nutrition-rich appetizer and also hydrates the body due to the fluid content. She likes to keep her dinner very light and eats maximum by 8 pm to ensure healthy digestion.

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Workout Routine of beautiful Divyanka Tripathi

Divyanka is a busy actress and therefore, it gets difficult for her to find the time to work out regularly in the gym. And what does she eat as her post-workout meal, she replied, “Regular food.”

However, she still ensures that she hits the gym whenever she can during the day, or even during the night, though she prefers to do it in the morning. She believes in the mantra of burning what you eat, and makes sure she does that to maintain her weight. She understands the importance of balancing even her cheat meals with a good rigorous workout.

Divyanka indulges in both cardio and weight training for her workout. She burns her calories with a good cardio workout and uses weight training exercises to keep her body and muscles toned. She tries to include more weight training in her workout day by day and also increases the weights she lifts as she gets better at it. Revealing her exercise preference between cardio and weight training, Divyanka said, “Both”.

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She later signed off, with a piece of advice for her fans stating,” Try to control your carb intake, if you want to have carbs have them. But have them in the afternoon since that is the best time to have them. And don’t have fruits in the night since they have sugar in them.

That’s how She lost so much weight. Follow Divyanka Tripathi Weight Loss diet plan and workout routine. We totally love this healthier avatar of Divyanka. She is indeed a true inspiration to all her beloved fans!

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