Dark Chocolate Good for Gut Microbiome: Myth or Truth?

dark chocolate for gut
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Role of Dark Chocolate for Gut. As we know that Chocolate lovers are everywhere. Just like “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, we all want to live in a land where we can have Choco-fall or tree made of chocolate with fruits on it full of chocolate. We all want our Willy Wonka to come and take us away. But this delightful dream can never come true. Chocolate, though very tasty, is full of sugar and thus calorie. We all feel guilty about eating too much chocolate. But with chocolate can it ever be too much? So for a guilt-free experience let us indulge ourselves in a better version of chocolate- Dark chocolate for Gut Microbiome.

Dark chocolate is an indulgent healthy snack. It is full of nutrients. And confers many health benefits to us.

What exactly Dark Chocolate Contains?

Nutrition Values:

Quantity Cocoa content Soluble Fiber Magnesium Protein Iron Fat*Zinc
100g bar80-85% 11-12 g 228 mg 79 g 9 mg 63 g 31 mg

* Fat -In the form of saturated & monounsaturated fatty acids

Rich with anti-oxidants:

Cocoa has more polyphenols and flavanols, thus antioxidant activity than any berries including blueberries.

These flavanols help us in many ways:

  • Protect skin from the sun.
  • Helps produce nitric oxide which reduces blood pressure.
  • Improve brain functions.

Why Dark Chocolate Is Beneficial for Human Health?

  • Lowers BMI
  • Reduce Stress
  • Increase insulin sensitivity
  • Reduce the risk of heart disease
  • Increase HDL and Reduce LDL
  • Improves blood flow
  • Reduce the risk of cancers
  • Improves eyesight

Dark Chocolate for Gut

Dark Chocolate nourishes Gut Bacteria. It is not a myth but a well-recognized fact. Dark chocolate is need by the good gut bacteria to keep the body healthy. In order to perform their function in metabolism, immunity, gut-brain axis, weight management, and happiness, the good bacteria need nourishment. And that nourishment comes from prebiotics. Prebiotics are soluble dietary fiber which is derived from plant sources. We can’t digest them, so these fibers pass on to the colon where good bacteria ferment them to take nourishment and form SCFA.

So what does dark chocolate do here? Dark Chocolate contains soluble dietary fibre (about 11-12 g per 100 g). This fiber goes undigested by our digestive enzymes and the probiotics (good bacteria) use them to stay thriving. These bacteria convert the fiber of dark chocolate into butyrate and acetate (SCFAs), which helps us in keeping allergies and invaders away.

Symbiotic Relationship

Just as dark chocolate important for good bacteria, so is good bacteria required for dark chocolate. The flavanols of dark chocolate, which are providing us with many benefits, are very large to be absorbed by the body. The probiotics of gut help in breaking these large molecules into shorter molecules, which easily gets absorbed by the gut.

Right Way to Choose Dark Chocolate for Gut

Choosing the best is not as tough as it seems, just look for the following, it should contain:

  • Not less than 70-75% of cocoa
  • No artificial sweetener
  • Natural sources of sugar like honey, but very low amount of added sugar
  • Good fats from coconut oil or cocoa butter and similar
  • No bad fat (refined oil, soybean oil, vegetable oil, trans fat)
  • No GMO, thus an organic certification
  • Fairtrade certification

Try not to eat more than 40g of dark chocolate per day.

After choosing the best chocolate for you, choose a probiotic supplement for providing the best to your gut. A probiotic supplement like Billion Cheers is the call made right, for your microbiome along with dark chocolate for gut. Billion Cheers provides both quality and quantity, 10 special strains of probiotics as well as in a very good strength of 24billion CFU. When taken along with dark chocolate, you indulge in a rollercoaster ride of taste, and dive-in for the best care of gut health. Give yourself and your microbes a feast of life and get paid with a present of good health.

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