Bifidobacterium Longum : 14 Health Benefits, Food Sources and treating Lactose Intolerance

Bifidobacterium Longum
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Bifidobacterium Longum is a beneficial bacterium which is usually found in the gut and vagina of animals, including human beings. It is one of the earliest bacteria that colonize the infant gut passed from the mother. It is a micro-aerotolerant anaerobe that thrives best in the oxygen-defiant environment. This bacteria is subdivided into 3 distinct subspecies namely: B. longum,  B. longum ssp. infantisB.longum ssp. suis.

Bifidobacterium Longum: Uses and Benefits

B.longum is primarily used as a Probiotic as it secrets lactic acid that helps in curing various gastrointestinal (GI) problems.

14 Benefits of Bifidobacterium Longum & its Species

1. Longnum is a versatile bacterium that has many beneficial qualities. It is highly tolerant of intestinal bile and acid secretions and pH differences. Therefore, it can even exist in the lower ileum of the intestine and can sustain in harsh environments.

2. It is also seen to relieve intestinal bowel syndrome (IBS), abdominal pain, bloating, and bowel disorders in infants and elderly people.

3. It is found to boost the immunity of infants and hence, is crucial in the development of the natural microbiota in babies. And also activates anti-polio-virus stimulus in infants.

4. B. Longum increases immunomodulatory responses among elderly people.

5. Babies supplemented with longum are found to be more resistant to respiratory tract infections like influenza, fever, common cough, and cold.

6. It also found to defend against GI sepsis caused by pneumonia.

7. Studies in mice have shown that the longum bacteria enhances resistance against various pathogenic organisms like Salmonella typhimurium (causes typhoid), rota-virus (causes diarrhea), and Pseudomonas (causes pneumonia and other lung, ear, urine, infections).

 8. It also helps in preventing infection by suppressing inflammatory responses by preventing the release of inflammation-causing cytokines.

9. longum is even found to produce photo-protective properties and decreased skin-sensitivity to external factors by hindering inflammation.

10. Oral intake of longum is seen to be effective against celiac disease (gluten indigestion) and other gluten-induced enteropathy.

11. It helps in improving the gut microflora by depleting toxic bacterial growth of Enterobacteriaceae that causes acute or chronic diarrhea.

12. Longum has been found to be extremely beneficial against the growth of pathogenic fungi, Candida.

13. It also prevents necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) in infants.

14. It has been found to lower the cholesterol level as well as reduces the deposition of lipids in the liver by decreasing the size of adipose cells.

Where is Bifidobacterium found? The Food Sources

B.longum can be found commonly in yogurt and fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi. It can also be added externally in yogurt to produce healthy BL yogurts. This BL yogurt helps in reducing symptoms and allergy-causing blood markers in people affected with Japanese cedar pollinosis, nasal irritation like itching, throat blockage, and rhinorrhea.

B. Longum yogurts and supplements are recommended in neonates having low amounts of gut B.longum  like in caesarian deliveries.

Effects of Bifidobacterium Longum in Lactose Intolerance

Lactose intolerance is a condition that prevents the digestion of lactose, the primary carbohydrate in milk and other dairy products. B. Longum  in yogurts and other fermented milk products secrete beta-glycosidase or lactase, that is, lactose breaking enzyme in the GI tract that helps to alleviate lactose intolerance by enhancing lactose metabolism.

Bifidobacterium Probiotics

Longum is an active ingredient in Billion Cheers’ Probiotics. It is an alive formulation of lyophilized bacteria of different Bifidobacterium species, Lactobacillus species and Streptococcus thermophilus that is used for the treatment of patients with ulcerous colitis and also psoriasis.

Overall B. longum is a very beneficial microorganism that has immense known and unknown benefits.

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