Added Sugar: The Sweet Poison for Health and Gut Microbiome

added sugar
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Have you ever heard “a little sweet is refreshing, but glutting kills”? After all “gluttony” is 1 of The 7 Sins. And gluttony over sugar is deadliest of them all. Added Sugar may be sweet but is highly toxic of body, mind, and microbiome.

Sugar is good, but the one with nature’s goodness. The natural sugar present in fruits etc. But the added sugar deducts your health.

You may be wondering “How Added Sugar Kills?

You see, added sugar accounts for about 15-17% of your total calorie intake, which is way more than the required amount. This causes major health conditions with serious implications.

14 major Diseases Caused by Added Sugar

1. Diabetes

High-glycemic count of foods contains added sugar is directly linked to type 2 diabetes. It leads to insulin resistance.

2. Obesity

One of the major implication of consuming food with high added sugar levels is weight-gain. Sugar-containing drinks like sodas, juices, and flavored water contain fructose, simple sugars. Fructose increases our craving for more sweet food by making us resistant to leptin, the hormone responsible for controlling our hunger and maintaining satiety. Thus making you eat more. And finally making you over-weight and obese.

3. Heart Diseases

A Diet full of sugars is the main reason behind the number one cause of death, heart diseases. It elevates everything that leads to heart-disease – weight, inflammation, triglycerides, blood sugar, and blood pressure. Sugars also deposit fatty-clogs in arteries leading to atherosclerosis.

4. Skin Acne

High-sugar containing food spikes up the sugar and insulin levels in the blood which leads to high androgen secretion, oil production, and inflammation. Together all of these causes acne.

5. Cancers

As in heart diseases, inflammation and insulin resistance plays a crucial role, so in cancers. It increases the risk of esophageal, pleural, endometrial and intestinal (small) cancers.

6. Depression

Eating high glycemic foods makes us “high on sugars”, creating a sense of extreme happiness. But it is also a major risk factor behind depression and mood swings due to neurotransmitter deregulation.

7. Skin Ageing

Do you know, your “Sugar-cravings” are making you age visibly. Advanced glycation end products (AGEs) are the products of the reaction between sugar and proteins. These AGEs are the key players in premature ageing of the skin. AGEs harm collagen and elastin- the proteins responsible for your youthful appearance.

8. Cellular Ageing

Consuming high sugar diet speeds up the shortening of “Telomeres”. Telomeres are the protective caps which are present at the end of chromosomes. Shortening of telomeres is a natural process which is a sign of ageing. But sugars speed this process and makes you age fast.

9. Fatigue

The “High” of sugar always results in the fall or “the crash”. The sudden drop in energy. This spiking high and low energy creates a constant tiring effect in the body and drains all the energy from body cells. Creating in us a condition of fatigue.

10. Fatty Liver

Increased fructose levels are one of the major cause of Fatty liver disorder. The reason behind this is, unlike other sugars, fructose is specifically digested or broken down by the liver. And this broken fructose is stored in the liver as glycogen. But once glycogen reaches its limit of storage, it is converted in fat. This build up fat leads to NAFLD.

11. Impaired Brain Function

Such a diet is also linked to impaired memory and dementia.

12. Increased Risk of Kidney Disease

Increased blood sugar leads to damage of nephrons and other blood vessels of kidneys leading to kidney failure in some cases.

13. Cavities

Demineralization of the tooth is the most common problem associated with high sugar intake, especially in children.

14. Gout

High Sugar in food increases the blood uric acid levels, which leads to the accumulation of uric acid in joints. This accumulation results in inflammation and pain resulting in Gout.

Added Sugar is definitely the toxin we need to avoid ASAP in order to lead a healthy way of life. We have discussed every possible risk factor involved with taking sugars. But what we are missing is…

How does Sugar affect your Gut Microbiome?

Well, it’s understandable that added sugar does no good to us. But for our gut microbiome, it is even more dangerous. How?

We know that gut microbiome contains both good and bad bacteria. Also what good bacteria eat, prebiotic fiber, the good dietary fiber present in plants and whole foods, like apple, banana, oats, etc.

But what do bad bacteria eat? The answer is right in front of our eyes, Sugar…

When we eat a diet full of added sugar, the bad bacteria flourish and start to nurture uncontrollably, whereas good bacteria decline in number. And as for sugar in their diet, they make us crave for more sugar-containing food.

And now it’s time to connect the dots

Bad bacteria do a lot of damage to us.

  • For one, they make us gain more weight by not one but many ways
  • They increase inflammation in the body
  • Turn fiber into fatty acids and deposits fat into the liver and causes NAFLD
  • Disturbs oral flora
  • Makes skin age fast
  • Leads to metabolic disorders like diabetes
  • Responsible for digestive diseases like IBS
  • Increases the risk of colon cancer
  • Causes neuropsychiatric problems like depression, anxiety, autism, and schizophrenia
  • Results in arthritis

And if you have been reading carefully, you can understand the deep connection between Added sugar and Bad bacteria. They both cause similar diseases. That means they have a “circular” connection. The correct one, the other will be treated.

How to Cut down Sugar Intake and Eliminate Added Sugar?

1. Switch from processed foods and beverages to Natural Sugars

  • Start with drinking freshly prepared juices, smoothies, and shakes.
  • Stop eating packed snacks and processed foods.
  • Swap your white sugar with better healthier substitutes like palm sugar, honey, maple syrup, demerara, jaggery, stevia, coconut sugar, etc.


eating fermented food loaded with probiotic improve your gut microbiome
Eating fermented food loaded with probiotic improve your gut microbiome

2. Improve your Gut Microbiome to Reduce Sugar Cravings

  • Start with eating fermented food loaded with probiotics like yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir, cheese.
  • Eat more fibrous food like more roughage, banana, onions, garlic, etc.
  • Try microbiome-diet.
  • Make high quality probiotic and prebiotic supplement like Billion Cheers Probiotics and Prebiotics your number one priority.

Billion Cheers Probiotics and Prebiotics are high quality, complete supplement you gut need, to balance its microbiome. It contains 10 different strains of probiotics with a quantity of 24 billion CFU per serving. These probiotics improve gut flora by adding good bacteria in the gut and removing bad bacteria. Billion Cheers does not contain any added sugar. It only contains a smart prebiotics fiber which gives you a natural refreshing taste. Along with promoting the balance of the gut microbiome, it helps to lose weight as well.

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