Acacia Fiber, Your New Best Friend

acacia fibre It is also known as gum Arabica or gum acacia
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We are fully aware of the health implication of a high fibrous diet. How it is good for our gut microbiome and hence for overall health. After reading this, Acacia fibre might become your new best friend.

What is Acacia Fiber?

You see our microbiome is now considered as a high functioning “organ” in itself. And to make sure that this organ is working properly, we need to make sure that we are taking good care of it. After all, it takes care of what not-

  • Digestion,
  • Metabolism,
  • Immunity,
  • Skin health,
  • Vaginal health,
  • Weight,
  • Moods,
  • Brain power, are all being taken care of by this microbial organ.

And in return, the only thing what they require from us is that we take care of they eat. We take care that they get enough Prebiotics– the soluble fiber which solves our every problem. There are many known prebiotic fibers available to us but no one is like acacia fiber.

prebiotic fibres available to us but no one is like acacia fibre.

Acacia fiber is also known as gum Arabica or gum acacia. The tree is native to Africa, India, and Pakistan. Acacia fiber has been used since ages in various traditions in different ways. Now it’s your turn to use it.

10 Benefits of Acacia Fiber: The tool-Box of Health

Acacia fiber is helpful in many ways:

  • Full of Fibers

Acacia contains natural dietary fiber. It alone, if organic and farm-fresh, can provide up to 80% of our daily requirement of fibers.

  • Encourages Gut Microbiome

The problem with today’s lifestyle is- it takes a toll on your gut microbiome. Acacia gives a hearty meal of soluble prebiotic fibers to your gut microbiome.

  • Soothes Bloating Stomach

Many types of prebiotic fiber supplements cause bloating. What happens is when bacteria convert certain prebiotics fibers they realize SCFAs as well as gas, which causes bloating. The best part about Acacia is, it gets fermented slowly and that too into the colon. And hence do not cause bloating.

  • Helps in IBS

It is a gluten-free, high fiber food. And studies have shown a positive effect of acacia on patients suffering from IBS.

  • Reduce the Cholesterol Levels

According to a study, people consuming acacia fiber showed a 10-14% decrease in their total plasma cholesterol and LDL count.

  • Controls Diabetes

We all are aware that fiber-rich food is good of type 2 diabetic patients.  Studies suggested that acacia gum can be used to control diabetes as well as diabetic nephropathy.

  • Good for Oral Health

When it comes to oral health, you might want to switch from your current toothpaste to acacia gum.

  1. It clear 75% more plaque,
  2. Helps in serious oral infections,
  3. Has positive effects on tooth mineralization,
  4. It is less abrasive,
  5. And, it can be used to manage plaque in people suffering from gingivitis.
  • Cures Sore Throat and Dry Coughs

When consumed gum acacia has a sticky texture which makes its one of the best remedy for sore throat and dry cough. It has anti-inflammatory properties which help in swelling, infection and voice loss during coughs.

  • Makes You Lose Weight

Acacia gum literally stops you from eating extra. Once reaching the stomach, it swells and forms a gel. This gel induces the feeling of satiety and prevents hunger cramps in between meals. Acacia gum prevents insulin from inflows guilty for weight gain, by slowing glucose absorption.

Acacia fibre is helpful in making you healthy and fit

Conserves the Gut Barrier and prevents “Leaky Gut”

A healthy gut barrier allows only nutrients to enter the blood. It stops toxins from entering the blood, thus keeping us infection-free. But when the toxin starts entering the blood through the gut, the condition is known as “Leaky Gut”. Acacia fiber maintains the integrity of this gut barrier and prevents “Leaky Gut”.

Allow Acacia fiber to be a part of your daily diet and feel the difference yourself. You will notice an uplift in overall health.

But before doing so, ask yourself whether you have a healthy gut or not. Because acacia fiber will work only when you have a healthy microbiome.

Acacia gum's recipes are healthy
Acacia gum’s recipes are healthy

The step in doing so is simple. If you have an unhealthy microbiome, take probiotics. Whether in the form of fermented food containing probiotics or a probiotic supplement. Make sure that your gut microbiome gets the best strains, like the one available in Billion Cheers Probiotics. It contains the best 6 of Lactobacillus strains and top 4 Bifidobacteria species. Which makes your gut as healthy as you were born with.

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