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Billion cheers weight management Probiotic target the key factors of
weight gain directly and the Prebiotics fibers helps in maintaining satiety, ensuring an effective weight

Weight loss probiotics

Probiotics for Wellness

The Probiotic and Prebiotic blend confers a perfect symbiotic effect in restoring gut
microbiome for Digestive health, metabolism and brain health.

probiotics wellness

For Women - PROGINA

The intimate areas of women’s body often get subject to microbial dis-balance creating vaginal discomfort, Odor and discharge. Progina Probiotics works at microbial levels and make the delicate parts of women’s body strong from inside.

women probiotics

Probiotics for GUT

Billion Cheers- Junior Immunity with its naturally derived Probiotics and an organic prebiotic provides children with inner strength by taking care of their immunity in early stages of life.

Digestive Health & Immunity
What is Fiber
Fiber and its Types

Introduction With the advent of urbanization, many changes has occurred, many habits we inculcated and many things we removed from our life. During the transition…

What are Prebiotics?

Introduction Thanks to the internet domination, everyone is aware of how vital gut inhabiting microbes are, whether it is different articles, kurzgesagt or TEDtalk, everyone…

Probiotics: Future of human health

Gut microbiome is community of different microorganisms residing throughout the digestive system. With a population in trillions, gut microbiome easily gets disturbed with even a…

gut microbiome
The Gut Microbiome

Microbiome stands for the community of different microorganisms cohabitating in an already existing environment. Human Beings have various communities of microorganisms living in different parts…